Bit Blaster XL (PC) (2016)

Overview: A 2D shooter that's reminiscent of old arcade games like Asteroid and Centipede.

After playing The Expendabros, I continued down the list of highly rated, yet small (w.r.t. download size) games on SteamDB which I had yet to play. This led me to check out Bit Blaster XL.

Visually reminds me of Asteroids.

Setup: I was using keyboard, but probably controller is more comfortable.

Steam Game Time: 9 minutes.

[20171003 Edit]

+ Simple

Ship Selection

~ There were multiple ships but I only tried the one.

I had more fun playing Bit Blaster XL than the run 'n' gun I had just played, The Expendabros (PC) (2014). However, I only played it for half the time.

Equipped with a powerful, but short-ranged sword.

With that being said, Bit Blaster XL and The Expendabros belong to different game genres and it'd be more fair to say that I enjoyed LUFTRAUSERS (PC) (2014) more than Bit Blaster XL.

Bit Blaster XL (PC) (2016)

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