Eternal Senia (PC) (2015)

Overview: A 2D action RPG.

At a Starbucks with slow internet, I had trouble getting work done and I only had a limited set of choices - most of which I had already tried playing. As such, I played Eternal Senia.


Setup: Gamepad and keyboard (not all the keys were mapped to the gamepad and I used the keyboard for those actions). I played the game for a while on a little window until I figured out how to change the window size through the in-game settings. It was not possible to change the window to fullscreen mode using Alt+F10.

Steam Game Time: 1.0 hours

~ Simple gameplay. Focuses more on story.
~ So-so graphics

Senia faces Medusa

- Story was a little weak.
- The game didn't appear to have (good) default gamepad options.

No summary at this time.

Eternal Senia (PC) (2015)

Senia meets a Little Fairy

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