BioShock (PC) (2007)

Overview: A first-person shooter set in an underground dystopia called Rapture.

A Little Sister and a Big Daddy.

I played a negligible number of minutes of BioShock at my friend's house once before, so for all intents and purposes, today was my first time playing the game. Fortunately, as I was about to start playing, I had realized there was a remastered version (for which a copy had been given for free to all owners of the original). As such, I started downloading the Remastered version and played Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (PC) (2013) as I waited.

Jack (the player character) made it out of this plane crash alive.

Setup: Difficulty: Medium.

Game Log:
As a note to myself, should I ever pick up where I left off: I was heading into some medical supply store to retrieve a key for something.

Steam Game Time: 65 minutes

+ Excellent atmosphere

The first plasmid: Electro Bolt.

+ Decent combat mechanics
+ Hacking devices via a mini-game similar to Pipe Mania (or Pipe Dream)
+ Strong story

- A little bit of micromanaging of health and other resources

Hacking a machine via Pipe Mania mini-game.

As I prepared to write a summary, I came to think of Half-Life 2 (PC) (2004), because intuitively I found BioShock to be a game that provides an experience nearly as good, if not just as good, as that of Half-Life 2.

But as I thought about making the comparison, I began to distinguish that BioShock is the more atmospheric and more complex of the two - although the complexity is a more neutral aspect.

BioShock Remastered (PC) (2016)*
*BioShock (PC) (2007)

Ready to kill a splicer who's talking to a baby cradle as if it had a baby in it.

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