10000000 (PC) (2013)

Overview: A tile-matching RPG. You're stuck in a dungeon and need ten million points to escape.

Inside the dungeon. Encounter enemies at top. Use the puzzle field to attack, build defense, and gather resources.

At a slight loss on which game to play next, which happens whenever my current method of choosing a game begins to feel stale,* I decided to go through my friend's list of games and play whatever game he's played that I haven't played, starting from his most played, and skipping certain games at my discretion. In any case, this was the first such game.

Steam Game Time: 2.1 hours

*The method I used before this one was highly rated SteamDB games in my library I had yet to play and the method before that was the most expensive games in my library I had yet to play.

Repair and upgrade the dungeon to make improvements to combat: magic attack, melee attack, passive abilities, shield, armor, and potions.

20171021: Part 1
Today I played until I finally felt the pain of the grind. My main weakness is that I generally don't match tiles quickly, because I'm too methodical. For this reason, I was always terrible at every Candy Crush level that was timed.

Steam Game Time: 4.7 hours (6.8 total)

20171021: Part 2
I was compelled to finish, so I went to get my glasses and pressed on. However, my second wind came up short.

Satisfy objectives to earn money and experience.

Steam Game Time: 0.4 hours (7.2 total)

20171021: Part 3
And later, I returned to try a little more.

Steam Game Time: 0.6 hours (7.8 total)

20171021: Part 4
And finally I beat the game! But not all the achievements.

Steam Game Time: 0.2 hours (8.0 total)

Achievement: "Score 10000000 with all potions active"

Steam Game Time: 0.8 hours (8.8 total)

Two achievements remaining: Score ten million at Explorer / Dungeon Master.

+ Catchy theme song
+ Catchy gameplay
+ Farming-based, yet fun

~ Casual

Comparison to Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (2007):
Both 10000000 and Puzzle Quest are RPGs that utilize a tile-matching puzzle game as the combat mechanic, with Puzzle Quest using an adjacent tile-swap mechanism as found in Bejeweled.

Overall, 10000000 is simpler in every way: graphics, story, and game play. But there's still plenty of choices in regards to upgrades and the game's simplicity is not necessarily bad.

I fell shy of accomplishing the "Score 10000000 with all potions active" achievement. 

10000000 (ten million) is a simple yet fun game. In particular, the game moves at a healthy pace, and I only felt the need to grind for resources towards the end.

While I would never have bought the game on my own, it was presumably sitting in my library after a Humble Bundle purchase and I would recommend it if you're currently looking for a casual game. I suppose anyone who generally enjoys tile-matching games would also enjoy this one.

10000000 (PC) (2013)*
*10000000 (iOS) (2012)
*"Ten Million"

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