Life Is Strange (PC) (2015)

Overview: Adventure game where the player can rewind time to affect change. Released over five episodes.

Life Is Strange is highly rated on SteamDB (95.05% at the time of this entry) and so I decided to give it a try today.

Max Caulfield

Setup: Graphics settings changed to high, turned off subtitles.

Steam Game Time: 40 minutes

+ Promising story
+ Promising gameplay: rewind mechanics and choices
+ The first episode is free.

The high school hallway

~ Decent graphics

First Impressions:
While the game started off interesting, I eventually lost the majority of my interest in it. It's unclear to me what aspect of the game caused this to be the case. In particular, I noticed the game strongly structured itself with aspects of classic point-and-click adventures, and I thought this would make the game enjoyable.

Max reaches out and rewinds time for the first time.

My best guess is that the primary puzzle element of this adventure game revolves around the time rewind element and perhaps this felt more annoying than fun for me.

None at this time.

Life Is Strange (PC) (2015)

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