Door Kickers (PC) (2014)

Overview: A real-time tactical strategy game.

I had some trouble choosing a top Steam DB rated game to play from my library, because none of them screamed out to me as being interesting. However, I eventually tried Door Kickers and had some fun with it.

Waiting for my signal...

Steam Game Time: 85 minutes

+ Fun
+ Customization
+ Level builder / user-created content

~ Possibly some level farming, though I read it's not so hard via random level generation

Many levels to tackle!

- Not the most intuitive interface; works about 80% of the time
- In particular, to be mentioned on it's own, no undo

Playing this game reminded me of Frozen Synapse, a turn-based tactical shooter, and between the two, I enjoyed the real-time experience of Door Kickers more than the turn-based experience of Frozen Synapse.

With that being said, the game's controls had limitations. In particular, I would have liked to have seen action layering at a single waypoint.

The perfect plan...

Overall, the game was fun to play, and while I just got a taste of the game's depth (with respect to deploying members with different loadouts) before I stopped playing, I would recommend it to tactical enthusiasts.

Door Kickers (PC) (2014)

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I lost a team member on this attempt.

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