Pokemon GO (Android) (2016)

Seeing as how video games make up a big part of my blog and I played several versions of Pokemon when I was younger,* I decided to download Pokemon GO and give it a try.

Tip: The best chances to catch a Pokemon is when the shrinking ring is the smallest. Smaller is better. XD
Tip: While initially fun, turning off AR will make catching Pokemon easier.

Catch a starter Pokemon!

Tip: Don't raise the CP of weak Pokemon you catch when you first start the game. It'll just be a waste of resources.

Bug: While the game has a camera feature, I also wanted to take several screenshots of the game interface itself. However, screenshots within an encounter had the tendency to freeze the game.
Bug: As a separate issue, every once in a while, the game will freeze after the Pokeball engulfs the Pokemon and falls to the ground. Sometimes the catch will register, sometimes it will not.

Choose your "style."

*Pokemon Red (?) (GB) (1996), Pokemon Yellow (GBC) (1998), Pokemon Silver (?) (GBC) (1999), Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (GBA) (2002), Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen (GBA) (2004), Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (NDS) (2007).


Today I took a walk around my neighborhood and to some extent it wasn't any safer than walking around the parking lot. At times it felt weird, because at least in a parking lot there were Pokemon out in the open.

It's a Nidoran (male)!

In a neighborhood, getting close to a possible Pokemon location might require awkwardly approaching someone's home.


Servers were down this morning. Apparently it became news because some group supposedly DDoSed the servers.

Fact: Today I realized it's possible to run into Pokemon which are not shown as being nearby.


Unknown: Reading some information, it remains unclear what grass represents, because sometimes walking to grass doesn't necessarily trigger a Pokemon encounter. Though most of the time it does.
Tip: Sending a Pokemon to Professor is like releasing it, but you will be given Pokemon candy (for that specific Pokemon) in return. For example, send a Pidgey, get Pidgey candy.


Initial Thoughts:
+ Possibly social: potential to meet other players; encourage going outside.*
+ If walking, then exercise. If in a car (as a passenger!!), then not.

Servers are down...

~ Room for improvement
~ Nostalgic
~ Currently crappy AR, but the game helps carve out the beginnings of AR to a world of smart phone users who would never have heard of the term "Augmented Reality" for several years.
~ Free-to-play.**

When a real-life gym isn't a Pokemon gym... ;_;

- A slight pay-to-win vibe.**
- People living in urban areas have an advantage over people in suburban/rural areas.***
- Still buggy.
- Game requires internet access and GPS; eats battery life
- Lacks more than basic instruction on how to play; lacks transparency

A Rattata in the supermarket!

- Dangerous: Pokemon GO will undoubtedly have players crossing the street at a higher frequency than the average person. Some players are going to play the game while driving, and if texting while driving is bad, playing Pokemon GO while driving will be terrible.

Overall, I would prefer to revisit the older RPG games in the franchise where paying a flat fee of $30-$40 resulted in around a hundred hours of consistent game time.

Professor Willow

In contrast, with Pokemon GO, I've thus far played between a half hour to an hour per session before getting bored.

*The game sells an item which will lure Pokemon to the user's location. Thus, walking isn't required, but still encouraged (the lure is more effective when covering a distance).
**I've yet to be exposed to the gym component of the game, but if pumping money into the game results in winning a gym, then the game would almost surely be pay-to-win. In contrast, you can pay to unlock a champion/hero in League of Legend/Heroes of the Storm, but that doesn't mean you'll win by doing so.

***From a business standpoint this is a win/win. Players who want to play, but don't have a good selection may spend money on items. The majority of business is where population is most dense: in the city.


Fact: CP stands for 'Combat Power.' The half-circle represents a Pokemon's progress towards its max CP.

A little customization.

Tip: According to a Reddit post which analyzed the game values for the incense item, more pokemon will spawn by moving: standing spawns a Pokemon once every five minutes, but movement of more than 200 meters per minute will spawn Pokemon once every minute. Remark: A person would have to be in top shape to make full use of moving; 200 meters per minute is equivalent to a pace of one mile per eight minutes (over 3.8 miles).

Fact: Pokemon move.

Pokemon GO (Android)

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