Shatter (PC) (2009)

Game Mechanics:
Shatter is a brick buster that implements a couple of additional mechanics such as a push and repel mechanism, boss battles, and stages which are horizontal or circular instead of vertical.

Going by the Steam Achievements, I played this game for the first time today. [20170318:] The existence of a screenshot history reinforces this hypothesis.

Steam game time: approx. 15 min

[20161004 Quick Edit][20170318 Edit]

I remembered playing this game once before, but didn't remember if I liked it or not. Also look for a short game, I decided to boot this game up and check it out.

Steam game time: approx. 38 min (session), 53 min (total)

[20161004 Quick Edit]

+ It's a reasonably good-looking game

~ While there are some extra twists, the game mechanics failed to hold my attention

~ I dislike the nature of games for which I feel there is either little strategy (for winning) or that the strategy is hard to grasp*

- The controls never became intuitive for me

*An example of the opposite is League of Legends where there are pages after pages of strategies to be read and consumed in order to improve at the game. Pokemon is another great example.

[20161004 Quick Edit]

Shatter (2009)

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