Surgeon Simulator (PC) (2013)

Overview: Control a doctor's hand and interact with tools and organs in order to perform surgeries.

This game was... interesting.

Mouse for planar movement.

Why hello there, Bob.

Press left button to lower hand. Press right button to use mouse for rotation of the hand. The keyboard buttons A, W, E, R, and space control individual fingers.

Controller Setup:
I haven't used my Steam controller in a while and thought it would be worth trying with this game. Starting with the most popular community configuration and then trying the second most popular configuration, I was unsatisfied with any possible advantages and decided to use my keyboard and USB mouse (the laptop touchpad would surely spell disaster).

I aCcidEntALLy duRggeD mYSsself. BuTT it'S oKayy. I'm a DOCtor.
Basic How-To (Spoilers):
After several attempts, I gave up and watched a video. This is an overview of a heart transplant:
1) Remove the ribs (break or cut them)
2) Rip out the lungs*
3) Possibly pull out other organs as necessary. Might need to cut some arteries.
4) Pull out the heart.
5) Drop in the new heart (inside the container)

We'll need some glue after this heart transplant is done.
*I had gotten here on my own and tried, but I guess I didn't pull hard enough.

+ Funny

~ Requires self-discovery; this is almost a con for me, I don't expect this sort of game to require self-discovery

~ Difficult, but on purpose.

- A little glitchy

I like challenging and difficult games, but I like the difficulty more when it is encompassed by a level, not by the mechanics. While I'm not going to lie, I probably spent an hour or two one afternoon playing QWOP with my friends, at least the goal was simple (to get as far as possible).

Operate on Heavy from Team Fortress.
In contrast to the above, Surgeon Simulator's difficulty lies in its controls and it's goal is complex (requires trial-and-error).

For me, the difficulty of the game was frustrating and not fun. Combined with a lack of instruction, I eventually gave up displeased.

With that being said, the game can be fun, especially for those who enjoy the specific difficulty involved.

Surgeon Simulator (PC) (2013)*
*Surgeon Simulator 2013 (PC) (2013)

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