Air Forte (PC) (2010)

Air Forte is a simple and casual game by Blendo Games where the aim is to collect all the bubbles of a particular category.

At first the category will be finding multiples, e.g., multiples of 5. Afterwards, the player will encounter various parts of speech, e.g., collect the verbs. Finally, the player will be tasked with identifying countries within a continent, e.g., countries of Europe.

While not an amazing game, it actually has an enjoyable little story (more story than certain games which take longer to play).

Steam: 28 minutes (after the story mode I also played a round of the challenge mode)

+ Educational
+ Good Story

~ This game and Atom Zombie Smasher share a common art style and music for their narratives.
~ The math multiples were easy for me, but I majored in math...

- The controls aren't great, but it's such a short game, it almost doesn't matter.
- Short game

This game is too simple to recommend buying. But if you have it, you should definitely play it. It wouldn't take more than half an hour.

Problem: Steam Achievements aren't working.
Solution: Rename "steamwrapper.dll" to "steamwrap2.dll"

Air Forte (PC) (2010)

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