Time Clickers (PC) (2015)

This clicker game seemed like it had the potential to be fun. However, having played Clicker Heroes (PC) (2014) to a certain extreme,* I just couldn't handle going through the gruesome resetting process and optimization process. It's just the same thing again and again.

From snippets I read, the game throws in some new mechanics, but the underlying structure is like Clicker Heroes (and most likely like any other clicker game).

Look, it's the shape of a bomb.

Steam: 3.8 hours (including time spent idle)

*Attempting to account the actual number of hours spent for Clicker Heroes would be tough, but it's still a lot (~200 hrs). Other games with record time investments on my part consist of various MUDs I played in middle school, Cleft of Dimensions (a MUD which I played in college), League of Legends (~1000 hrs, also $$$), Dungeon Defenders (PC) (2011) (~225 hrs), Terraria (PC) (2011) (~200 hrs), Heroes of the Storm (PC) (2015) (~120 hrs), Plants vs. Zombies (PC) (2009) (~90 hrs).

Unfortunately, there's some sort of inherent appeal to clicker games. Whether it's the simple achievements, the flashing special effects, or perhaps the feeling of progression, I found myself putting more time into Time Clickers (despite my earlier opinion that I would be uninterested to play more).

The gruesome first run continues...

To further describe the feeling, every time I think about moving on to do something else, I would often decide to do just one more run. The next thing I know, I've done several runs with no end in sight. Of course there's some exaggeration and the great thing about most clicker games is being able to let the game play itself.

With that being said, upon realizing that I have probably spent more active hours on Time Clickers than a game I recently designated as a being great (The Book of Unwritten Tales (PC) (2011), 3.5 hours), I have decided to stop playing.

After reaching level 100, it's time for Time Cube upgrades!

Of course, it actually makes sense: simplicity is easier to consume than complexity. Just like watching three comedies is easier than watching one drama, or drinking a six-pack of Bud Light is easier than drinking a bottle of Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, passing time with a clicker game is easier than an epic RPG or point-and-click adventure.

Steam: 16.5 hours (including time spent idle) (total game time)

[20160718 Assumed Entry Date][20190724 Edit]

+ Conceptually simple, has a layer of strategy
+ Decent idle mode

Testing out the "Overpowered" feature. Unfortunately, it's still to soon to run an "Overpowered" build.

~ Clicker game: addicting, time sink, various ways to trivialize the game (e.g., scripting, loading save file, auto clicker), repetitive

Minor Con:
- When purchasing abilities, the ability descriptions are hidden behind previously purchased abilities. While this is ultimately inconsequentially as all abilities should be purchased as they are available, it shows the game lacks polish.

Bug: the tooltip doesn't lie on top of other items

Someone should do a psychological study on what makes clicker games and similar Facebook applications* so addictive, at least on a short-term basis.

As the rate of progress in Time Clickers seems to proceed at a faster rate than Clicker Heroes, I would lean towards recommending Time Clickers for anybody looking for an addictive game to play. I would, however, recommend caution as hours of your life will seemingly flash before your eyes.

*I suddenly remember the amount of time I put into Mafia Wars and Happy Aquarium.

If I were to make a clicker game, I'd parody clicker games by having a built-in auto clicker and scripting interface. But perhaps an actual auto clicker and script would have to be written to use the built-in auto clicker and scripting interface.

Time Clickers (PC) (2015)

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