Escape Goat 2 (PC) (2014)

Like choosing films on Netflix, I spent a while thinking about which game I should play next - though it does get tougher after having played two. In any case, after skipping several games, I end up choosing this platformer, Escape Goat 2.

You're a wizard!
Setup: I decided to play with my Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510, I didn't need any bells and whistles of the Steam Controller. I had to close the game and reopen it for the Steam screenshot shortcut to work.

Playing straight for a little over an hour, I almost couldn't put it down. Of course, that was in part due to the sentiment that I was getting close to betting the game. However, when I began to get the feeling I had reached about the halfway point, I decided to stop.

One mice to rule them all.
This is especially good since there's always the chance that there's some sort of plot twist which would cause the game to double in length.

Note that some of the game time is from me replaying a level and determining the fastest way to complete it. This game would be decently fun to speedrun, though I personally wouldn't want to figure out all the optimal solutions.*

Steam: 74 minutes

Too many doors in the puzzle room.
*There's a video of someone doing a 100% speed run in just over 45 minutes (RT: 56 minutes). There were many clever tricks. For example, in 4-4, my "quick" solution was to turn off the two beams on the right. The speedrunner's solution was to fall parallel to the falling block!

+ The controls seem responsive
+ Variety of puzzle mechanics keeps the game fresh

Progress after first run.
+ Original gameplay (I'm not sure how it compares with Escape Goat)
+ Puzzle mechanics are taught progressively; easy to learn

~ Puzzle Platformer

- Lacks an appeal, particularly in the aesthetic department

Like any good puzzle platformer, you'll occasionally have to try again.
I love whenever I'm exploring my game library and find something fun and worthwhile. Escape Goat 2 is a fun puzzle platformer and I look forward to completing it.

While it lacks the atmosphere of puzzle platformers like Braid (2009) or Limbo (2011), Escape Goat 2 has strong and enjoyable gameplay. As such, if you like puzzle platformers, I would definitely recommend it.

As I suspected, I was only about halfway done in terms of completing the game, but less than a quarter of the way done in terms of a 100% map completion. Today after finishing the game I went on to uncover some of the map.

Steam: 3.5 hours (total game time); 2.25 hours (session game time)

Escape Goat 2 (PC) (2014)

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