And Yet It Moves (PC) (2009)

Overview: A platformer whose primary mechanic involves rotating the game world and preserving the player's momentum.

Steam Achievement:
9:30pm Stuntman


20190709 Comment:
Steam Game Time: 20 minutes

Today I finished The Great Escape (Chapter 1, Level 4) and then played Between the Leaves (Chapter 2, Level 1). I later went back to First Steps (Chapter 1, Level 1).

Setup: Windowed. High.

Steam Game Time: 41 minutes (total game time)

+ Innovative gameplay.

~ Graphics are okay.

- Difficult game mechanics
- Uninteresting gameplay.

While the mechanics of the game are theoretically fun to explore, the execution is not as simple. In one of the early levels, the player learns that landing on a slope will help the player character survive a fall. However, there may be some unexplained caveats to this, because outside of the tutorial section explaining this mechanic, I found myself unable to safely land on a slope after a fall.


And Yet It Moves (PC) (2009)

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