Lego Worlds (PC) (2017)

Overview: Become a Master Builder.

Setup: Used keyboard and mouse. Probably should have used just the keyboard. Changed the resolution to 2560 x 1440.

Steam Game Time: 72 minutes

~ What is the point of "Saved Bricks"? Why is there a useless statistic in the menu?

- Not as fun as I thought it would be
- World editor tool is overpowered.
- Lacks the fun and appeal of LEGO games, e.g., Lego Star Wars.
- Excessively high learning curve; I felt like I was learning a complex tool like Adobe Photoshop
- Bad UI
- Discovering items is an unnecessary game mechanic
- I couldn't understand how to build and move the cursor in 3D space.
- Wheel menu system was annoying (have to hold tab to open it)
- Annoying narrator. For example, I was off exploring and the narrator repeatedly asked me to check out the meteor crash site
- Building structures with a quick shot of a gun is boring

? Sandbox Mode

I was excited to play this game, but I was met with a lot of disappointment. On paper, the idea of this game is awesome. Unfortunately, the execution and reality is a horrible mess.

Lego Worlds (PC) (2017)

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