Bendy and the Ink Machine (PC) (2017)

Overview: Henry (player character) has been asked to return to his old workplace Joey Drew Studios and uncover a mystery. What is going on at Joey Drew Studios?

Today I purchased the Humble Very Positive Bundle 3 and before going to sleep I decided to play Bendy and the Ink Machine. However, prior to entering my product key, I went to Steam to see if I already owned the game. To my surprise and confusion, the game was already in my list of games, but without a purchase date (normally Steam will inform me of either the date I last played the game or the date the game was purchased). After some digging around, I realized that the game has five chapters and hypothesized that the game appeared in my library because the first chapter was automatically available. Regardless, I decided to activate the my key to the Complete Edition (all five chapters) which I acquired in the bundle.

Getting into the game, I first lowered the sensitivity on my mouse. As I walked around, I kept my guard up as I admired the environment. The environment was well drawn and I enjoyed the vintage feeling of the studio. Despite keeping my guard up, the game still succeeded in giving me a couple of scares - though I scare easily. I stopped playing after turning on the ink machine and making my way towards the exit.

Steam Game Time: 35 minutes

+ Theme of artwork
+ Wonderful art direction
+ Great atmosphere

~ Some mystery in why certain objects appear or why changes in the environment take place. Who is making these changes? Is it supernatural?

- One of the jump scares wasn't well motivated and seem out of place (i.e., it was a scare for the sake of a scare, but didn't make sense)
- Objects become out of focus when they become too close


I'm not a fan of this genre, but I find myself playing games from it from time to time. For Bendy and the Ink Machine, I found the level of scare agreeable and similar to that in Cryostasis.

Although the game was spooky, some of the scares involved are currently unexplained and I suspect they never will be explained. With that being said, I remain hopeful that there exists an explanation, because it would make want would seem to be a great game into an amazing game.

Overall, I enjoyed the game.


Bendy and the Ink Machine (PC) (2017)

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