Teamfight Tactics (PC) (2019)

Today I played my first three games of Teamfight Tactics. I have mixed thoughts on my ability to enjoy playing such a game.

Yordle Sorcerer Comp (20190709 AM Game 4)

+ Free-to-play
+ Many updates are being made

~ Hot Game; many popular streamers are playing this game
~ New game is best time to learn; though it's similarities to Dota Auto Chess means many players come in with a strategical advantage

- Still buggy
- Lag feels bad
- RNG Dependent


20190704 AM:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1:
: Blitz pulls furthest enemy.
: After 1-3 is level 3 already.
: I have two knights Darius and Mord. Switch out Blitz for Kha.
: I'm running Void + Knight currently.
: Then eventually I switched to Knight + Glacial. I didn't reroll for stuff fast enough.
: Knights: Darius Mord Garen | Glacials: Ashe Braum; I noticed Anivia was also Glacial but I guess you only need two for the bonus.

Carousel - Choose one of the champion/item pairs from the center.

Game 2:
: Pyke
: Oops. I picked up another assassin, then thought about the pair Fiora. Sold the assassin for the pair. Sold one of the pairs thinking I could get the sold assassin back. So I was left with a single Fiora that didn't match my assassin.
: 2 Gunslinger 3 Noble from Lucian Fiora Vayne Graves
: Nobles: Lucian Fiora Vayne Leona Kayle Garen. | Demon: Aatrox; Vayne (Spatula)
: My front line was weak. My itemization as bad.
Game 3 - Finished 2nd:
: Zed (Ninja/Assassin) with BF
: So round 2 is always buy two champs and put one in.
: Round 3 is decide on another champ to put in.
: I started off maybe with Assassin but I look for a quick change to three Void: Kha, Kass, Rek. (All basic attacks ignore 50% of armor)
: Holy 2-Star Zed with IE killing it.
: Should I have picked up Gnar?
: Ah. I should have replaced Rek'sai with Cho'Gath earlier. I only realized until this late game to pick up Cho. I might even lose.
: Hmm. So this game I didn't transition to 6 assassins though I probably should have. Instead I kept 3 Void.
: Zed (Ninja/Assassin, 3) Cho (Void/Brawler, 2) Leona (Noble/Guardian, 2) Eve (Demon/Assassin, 2) Pyke (Pirate/Assassin, 2) Kass (Sorcerer/Void, 2) Kha'Zix (Assassin/Void, 2) Braum (Glacial/Guardian, 1)
: After the game I looked up the Void Ninja Assassin comp: Kha (V/A) Rek (V/B) Cho (V/B) [Apparently I should have kept Rek instead of Kass] Zed (A/N) Shen (N/Blademaster) Kennen (N/Elementalist/Y) Akali (A/N) Pyke (A/P). The gameplan says don't need 3-star units in this comp. And that Akali is Carry #1 while Pyke is Carry #2. My comment: this comp has 4 assassins (3 | 6), three void (3),
: Further down that same website is the Six Assassins + Void + Brawlers comp. This might have been what I had in mind except it doesn't have Zed (I guess I thought Zed was strong but he's actually low tier): Kha Pyke Eve Kat Rengar Akali are the assassins while Kha Rek Cho are the void. My comment: there are a total of seven assassins in the game (the six in this comp and Zed). There are four voids in the game, the three in this comp and Kass.
: I see. Yes, I should have transitioned out of Kassadin to Cho instead of Rek'sai to Cho. I wanted to maintain my Void number but I did it inefficiently, because I dropped my assassin count (even though it was greater than three, I should have been aiming for six assassins). Furthermore, I should have made this transition earlier.

Assassin Ninja Comp (20190709 PM Game 3)

Game 4 - Finished 8th ("Last" Game):
: Lulu with BF (lol I afk'd during the select, oops)
: I tried too hard to push Glacial Ranger and should have done Noble instead.
: Then as I did transition to Nobles I had five Nobles and Ashe. I think Kayle comes late game.
Game 5 - Finished 6th:
: I was too slow at choosing. Braum with Negatron Cloak. Rip.
: I hard forced Glacial Ranger but with slightly better transitions. Almost got Vayne to level three or Sej to level two. Not sure if that would have made a difference. Was focusing on comp instead of econ and positioning.

20190704 PM:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1:
: Vayne
: I started out Nobles and then was indecisive about switching to assassins. When I did, my econ was high but I did not use it fast enough.
Game 2:
: Rek'Sai with giants belt.
: Hmm. Trying too hard to follow a build and not learning the items.
: With that being said, early void isn't that useful.
: Shojin's is Tear+BF and PD is Recurve+ChainVest
Game 3 - Finished 4th:
: More organic but still fishing for Shojin's and PD. In general, I faced trouble with building items. I had double Shojin's on Pyke and got an Akali but she felt weak.
: I played six assassins but had Zed instead of Kat. Also I had Sejuani followed by Cho'Gath but should have replaced Sejuani with Rek'Sai for Void bonus.


20190709 AM:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1:
: Tried going Glacial Ranger but my items were all over the place. Got a three-star Vayne.
: Late game trying to get two-star Sejuani but it wasn't happening. Hmm. I don't get this rolling business.
Game 2:
: Aww. I was poised to do well with a three-star Vayne with double Guinsoo but I had a bathroom emergency. On the one hand, I had won all five games while I was away. On the other, I missed out on free rolls and couldn't improve my comp fast enough to catch up.
Game 3:
: This game didn't go as smoothly. I picked up a Vayne but didn't know if I wanted to play Nobles or Glacial Ranger. : Actually early on I thought about playing Knights.
Game 4 - Finished 1st:
: Forced Yordles comp. Managed to win. I feel like the person I beat (e.g., second place) threw the game. He had four three star champs, but maybe no synergy? Voli, Blitz, Rek'Sai, Warwick.
: My comp was Trist, Poppy, Kennen, Lulu, Veigar, Gnar with Kindred and Aurelion Sol. Kennen had two Guinsoo's and a Shojin. Kindred also had a Shojin. I had Brand to add, but no slot for him.

20190709 PM:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1:
: Went Yordles. Built the six and working on adding Brand or Sol. Tunneled and died before I could get it rolling. In particular, I sold a two-star Kennen to retrieve items on him. He had Guinsoo's, Locket, and Shojin. After I sold him and I put in a replacement two-star Kennen but only put the Guinsoo's back on him. I guess I should have placed the Locket on the Poppy (who already had one Locket) and also put the Shojin on him.
Game 2 - Finished 6th:
: Went Knights. Was following a guide. Didn't find any Kayles. Played around with different supplements using the items I had. I also had a tough time with getting a good carry.
: In hindsight, I think the Knights comp benefits from having rank 3 Tier 1 units (Mordekaiser, Garen, and Darius). I didn't realize this and left them at rank 2.
Game 3 - Finished 2nd:
: Went Ninja Assassins and last minute I thought I wouldn't win against the guy who would be first so I switched out Zed for Swain. So I lost my Ninja bonus and I'm not sure if that was a good or bad move.

Assassin Comp (20190710 PM Game 1)

20190710 PM:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1 - Finished 1st:
I started off looking at Gunslingers. I ended up with Gunslingers Pirates (Gangplank, Graves, and Pyke).
Later I started transitioning to Assassins. Though I was looking at Yordle for a little moment.
I almost didn't want to give up Gangplank but eventually I had my six assassins in.
At one point I switched out Zed for another assassin to have just one ninja (Akali).
I didn't know what to supplement. At first it was Vayne helping. Late game it was Swain / Brand. And finally Kayle (Swain was swapped out).
Final team: Kayle, Akali (Carry with Guinsoo's), Brand, Eve, Katarina, Rengar, Pyke (with Shojin's), Kha'Zix. All two-stars.
I guess the runner up (who beat me in the round prior to the last) was going Noble Glacial Ranger. She had four three-stars: Garen, Fiora, Mord, Vayne. And filled the team with Brand (two-star), Anivia, and Ashe.
One of the problems with Vayne is that she's too popular.

20190712 AM:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1 - Finished 8th:
Tried to go for Gunslinger Pirates but then didn't really have much of anything.
Game 2 - Finished 1st:
I started off with Nobles and then pivoted to Assassins. Though my end-game still included the Garen. I could have done better with positioning and possibly a little better with itemization. Though I think I put red buff on Garen and thought that was strong.
Game 3 - Finished 5th:
Decided to grab the Blitz with tear for hopefully an early Shojin.
OMG, no BF swords in first two drafts.
Bad RNG. I was looking for Void-Assassins. Long time on Pyke with no Shojin and then long time with no double Shojin. Then a long time to get the third Void.

Void Guardian Assassin (20190704 AM Game 3)

Game 4 - Finished 7th:
Doh. Didn't pick up a BF Pyke.
Tried to force Wild Sorcerer but wasn't really getting it.

20190713 12AM Part 1:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1 - Finished 2nd:
Tunneled vision into Void Assassin. I think I probably should have pivoted into Assassin Ninja or Assassin Sorcerer.

20190713 4AM Part 2:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1 - Finished 3rd:
I can't remember what I started but eventually I saw a Yordle comp so I went Yordles. That naturally went with some other small bonuses and I had a Garen for a long time until near the end where I swapped him out.
My endgame could use some work. At the end I rolled for level but should have rolled for two-star Akali (I had two) and I saw the need to hit their backline carries. So what happened with the extra level was I had two one-star Akali's in.
Last battle: (two stars:) Sol, Gnar, Kennen, Poppy, Lulu, Tristana (one stars:) Akali, Akali, Veigar.
Oh yeah, I never even upgraded Veigar. I also had him on the outside... I probably could have reconfigured that.
Game 2 - Finished 4th:
Mainly focused on building Nobles and Rangers but I was also hung up on incorporating Blademaster (because I used Spatula to get +1 Blademaster). Near the end I picked up Yasuo but I didn't know who to switch out to put him in. Technically I already had Blademaster bonus depending on the set-up but I would lose out on something else.
Last battle: (two stars:) Kayle, Leona, Lucian, Varus, Fiora, Garen, Vayne (one star:) Kindred.
If I recall on my bench was (two star) Draven and (maybe two star) Ashe.
One of the mistakes I made was picking a Large Rod instead of a tank item during the last carousel. Building Nobles meant I should go for tankiness.
Another mistake was hoping to get a level 3 upgrade and holding onto certain units to do so (specifically with Garen and Vayne).
I also had some mixed feelings about trying to go Nobles Knights.
Finally, I wasn't sure who my carry should be. I wasn't sure if I should put items on Lucian/Vayne and/or both.
I read a build and recommended items on either are Statikk Shiv, Guinsoo's, IE, Shojin, and BT.
From reading the build, I also realized that my mistake was not getting the Nobles bonus when I had all six assembled. My feeling at the time was that I had two-star champions on the field and reasonable bonuses. I'll switch them out when I get the other three Nobles to two-stars.
For the late game, the build recommended adding Ashe and Braum (plus Miss Fortune as a possible third unit). During the game I thought about adding Ashe and Sejuani, but I guess Braum will help with the Guardian bonus.
An alternative late game is Noble + 3 Elementalists (Anivia, Brand, Lissandra).
Spell items go on Brand in the Elementalist route and attack speed items go on Ashe in the Glacial Ranger route.

20190713 10AM Part 3:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1 - Finished 3rd:
Went Nobles again. Transitioned better. Put in all six almost as soon as I had them. For one or two rounds I was looking for the "sixth" and realized I had it (Kayle).
While some things went well for me, I didn't draft the best items. On that note, almost never draft for champs.
I wasted some time building a level three Kha'Zix which I eventually scrapped.
My supplemental comp was double Sho'Jin Pyke and Kindred - though maybe I should have tossed Pyke, put the Sho'Jin on Kindred and put in an elementalist (pick up a Sol) or ranger (e.g., Ashe). That would have been a good transition.
Last battle: (three star:) Garen (two stars:) Kayle, Kindred, Lucian, Pyke, Fiora, Vayne (one star:) Leona
Garen had Locket and Warmog's. Not sure if that was worth or not.
The two comps ahead of me were a six Assassin comp (with three-star Zed and Darius) and... I don't know. He/she had the following: (3S) Lucian (2S) Draven, Kindred, Leona, Garen, Mord (1S) MF, Swain. That's three Nobles and maybe two knights.

20190713 PM:
Gameplay Notes:
Game 1 - Finished 6th:
Happened to go Nobles again but someone else was playing it too. I waited too long to roll it down.
While I'm watching after my death, the person has (3S) Vayne Garen (2S) Fiora Kindred Leona Mord Braum (1S) Ashe; on Bench: 2 x Lucian, 5 x Mord, 2 x Leona, 1 x Kindred, 1x Fiora. This person won.
What is that comp? Nobles: Vayne Garen Fiora Leona; Rangers: Ashe Kindred Vayne; Knights: Garen Morde; Phantom: Kindred Morde; Glacial: Ashe Braum; Guardian: Leona Braum
Last battle: (two stars:) Kindred Gangplank Pyke Darius Graves Vayne (one star:) Aurelion Sol
I was quickly trying to pivot away from my Nobles comp.
Game 2 - Finished 4th:
Pivoted from possibly a Nobles (around Lucian) and went to Gunslingers Pirates.
Made a mistake near the end where I picked up a Recurve instead of a BF sword.
Anyways I got beaten by a Sorcerer comp.
Last battle: (two stars:) Akali, Kindred, Gangplank, Lucian, Pyke, Graves, Kha'Zix, Tristana
Note that I had an MF but I felt it would have been weak compared to a two-star Tristana. Maybe I'm wrong.
Reading a build, apparently Tristana should be the carry in this comp as opposed to Lucian. It's also recommended to build her to three-stars. Finally, as a defense against Sorc comps, build Dragon's Claw.
Furthermore, instead of building two assassins, the build recommends adding in two tanks: Cho'gath and Sejuani.
MF can replace Lucian or Graves.
Game 3 - Finished 2nd:
Darn. I went Nobles and couldn't get the two-star Kayle. I think I needed to just level up instead.
Last Battle: (two stars:) Kindred Leona Ashe Lucian Fiora Garen Vayne (one star:) Kayle
Vayne was my carry.

Gameplay Notes:
Game 1 - Finished 7th:
Tunneled into doing Pirate + Gunslingers. Didn't really get it going fast enough. Lacked frontline.
Game 2 - Finished 1st:
Started off Wild.
Then kind of looked at Wild Sorc.
Looked up a comp around Wild and saw Wild Elementalist Sorc and Wild Dragon Sorc.
I had Aurelion Sol so I decided to go Wild Dragon Sorc.
Last Battle: (three stars:) Nidalee, Warwick (two stars:) Aurelion Sol, Cho'Gath, Gnar, Kennen, Shyvana, Ahri, Lulu
Earlier, prior to having nine slots, I had Veigar in which filled Sorcerer/Yordles. So I got the three Yordles and three Sorcerer bonus. Later I replaced him with A. Sol and Kennen.
Game 3 - Finished 1st:
Started Nobles.
Looked for Noble and Knights.
Looked up a comp around them. Found Ranger/Knight/Noble/Imperial/Demon.
Good thing I found the comp because I wasn't picking up enough to get two-star Vayne but was able to pivot to Varus. In the early game I had Vayne, Fiora, Garen for the Noble bonus.
Though I was reading the build, I ended up deviating from it, because I was able to pick up six Nobles. Otherwise, the suggested comp is Varus > Garen, Darius > Vayne, Lucian > Swain > Draven and Katarina.
I almost picked up three-star Garen and Darius (coming up one unit short).
Last Battle: (three stars:) Lucian (two stars:) Kayle, Leona, Varus, Darius, Fiora, Garen, Vayne (one star:) Swain

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