Prison Architect (PC) (2015)

Overview: Build and maintain a prison. See to the needs of the prisoners as you see fit.

I recently decided on making sure I broke even on my Humble Bundle purchases. As such, I needed to play a second game* from my most recent purchase: Humble Very Positive Bundle 3.

The tutorial/campaign levels tell a story.

Although I was originally skeptic about enjoying the game, I was captured by the story and stayed for the gameplay. In fact, there was a point where the game gave me the option to proceed with the story (I had finished all the mandatory objectives in the second campaign level) but instead I got hooked on completing the optional objectives and improving the prison. This was especially easy to do because there is a lot of cash available to the player (which would not be the case in sandbox mode).

Completed all the objectives in Death Row.
Completed all the objectives in Palermo.
Continued playing and trying to accomplish various grants. Many grants were already satisfied.

Steam Game Time: 6.2 hours

*I previously played Bendy and the Ink Machine (PC) (2017).

The prisoners have needs. Their greatest need at the moment is clean clothing.

+ A lot of options
+ There's a story line; from what I can tell it doubles as a tutorial
+ Reasonably easy to learn; the game introduces mechanics at a good pace
+ Steam Workshop offers a lot of content

- Some difficulty with the UI; in particular, removing objects needs to be easier
- Some of the quick-build options are useful, but considering the clone tool is limited, I wish the quick-build option were better.

I make a laundry room. The guards begin to distribute the clean uniforms.

? I read the game has an Escape Mode where the player becomes a prisoner and tries to escape a prison.
? I have not yet played the main game: Sandbox Mode.

I know I could spend a lot of time with this game. I know I could easily reach a hundred hours on it. However, I must resist this temptation - at least for now.

While I have only played part of the Campaign Mode (i.e., tutorial), I easily put six hours into the game and I can just imagine how much fun the Sandbox Mode would be. From what I've been able to gather, the Sandbox Mode can also be a challenge because presumably the player starts with a low amount of cash and has to build his/her resources up in order to provide more to his/her prisoners.

Meal time!!!

Overall, I would highly recommend this game to fans of construction and/or resource management games. Considering that I'm not big fan of the genre,* my enjoyment and recommendation of the game must mean something.

*Technically I am a fan of the genre, but I am no longer a fan of the time investment. I've spent my share putting excessive time into games: MUDs in middle/high school (various) and college (Cleft of Dimensions), The Sims (2000), Terraria (PC) (2011), Dungeon Defenders (PC) (2011), and Clicker Heroes (PC) (2014).

Prison Architect (PC) (2015)

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