The Final Station (PC) (2016)

Overview: In a post-apocalyptic world, you go from train station to station picking up passengers, collecting resources, and fighting zombies. Protect all your passengers or let some die, it's up to you.

Today I decided to play The Final Station.*

Setup: Keyboard and mouse.

: In the early game, I encountered two types of zombies: tall slow ones and fast short ones. The tall slow ones are easy to kite (punch and back off, repeat). The short fast ones can also be kited but it's riskier.
: There's a crafting section at the front of train. It just has a fancy label: "Reserve Crafting Syst."

Steam Game Time: 48 minutes

*On 20190603, I wanted to play Punch Club, The Final Station, SpeedRunners, ClusterTruck, and Party Hard, games I owned which were part of the Humble Bundle Tiny Build Bundle.

+ Develops a story
+ Atmospheric
+ Delivers game mechanics to the player as part of the game (the most ideal way to deliver game mechanics)
+ Excellent use of foreground
+ Well-designed level and enemy layout

- Slow-paced; took too long to get interesting

The game starts by giving the player a gun and letting the player shoot some zombies. However, soon after the player is reset and exposed to the game's story. As the story progresses, the game did a great job of delivering story and gameplay. In particular, the gameplay was delivered using visual clues and by forcing the player to face certain challenges which require certain game mechanics. For example, in one location, the player needs to climb down a ladder and is forced to push a box over the ledge. The box proceeds to kill a zombie. This lets a player know that dropping boxes can kill zombies.

Unfortunately, while the game has bursts of excitement, I was hardly interested in the pace of the game when I stopped playing after just 48 minutes.

The Final Station (PC) (2016)

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