Punch Club (PC) (2016)

20190603 AM Hours:
I've largely avoided making purchases on Humble Bundle, in part because I tend to own most of the games which form a bundle. However, for the latest bundle, I wanted to do more than just resist making the purchase. As such, I decided to set forth and play all the games in it which I already own: Punch Club, The Final Station, SpeedRunners, ClusterTruck, and Party Hard.

First Impressions:
My initial experience with Punch Club was more addicting than I thought it would be. I thought I would play for just an hour but I ended up playing for almost four hours (2:45 AM to 6:30 AM). Games that capture my attention in the dead of night despite my sleepiness

Game Time: ~3.75 hours

20190604 Comment:
I read reasons for why pizza delivery might be more efficient than construction work.

20190607 Comment:
I've been itching to revisit the game, but I've been so busy. By this point, however, I was able to watch part of a speedrun and it reinforced some of my hypotheses regarding the game.

1. Since each successive skill takes one extra point, spreading out skills into the initial move tree (e.g., purchasing either "Punch" or "Block") is a waste of points.
2. Working at the pizza delivery is more optimal than doing construction work.
3. Training with the Silver at the gym,* warehouse fights, and bar club fights are quick ways to gain skill points.
4. Use money to travel around.

While a speedrun will do all of the above in a more efficient manner than a casual run, incorporating these strategies into a casual run will help create a better experience.

*Early game it's best to do Hand Pads Training. I'm not sure when the player should switch from Hand Pads Training to Sparring. [Edit: see Tips (Punch Club Wiki)]

20190613 Comment:
There are many good tips on the Punch Club wiki. I love reading builds, because they save time. I like saving time, because I want to experience many games and yet I only have a finite amount of time to spend experiencing them. If, however, a player has a lot of time to experience a single game, then it's often more valuable to not read any strategies during the first playthrough.

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Punch Club (PC) (2016)

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