Hunt: Showdown (PC) (2018)

Overview: A PvP bounty hunting game with some PvE elements.

The game was free to play for the weekend so I decided to give it a try.

The Hive is heading towards me.

Setup: Borderless window.

Gameplay Log:
Watched the YouTube video on how to play. I don't think this should be how players learn to play.
First match.
Using the dark side or whatever is disruptive to the flow of the game.
Got killed by the Hive. Um... there was no information on how I was suppose to fend off the insects.
: Apparently the solution is to either kill the host or outrun it until it stops stalking you.

They're just 

Second match
A couple of jump scares. Fun.
Ran into a player for the first time. He looked like a zombie so I approached him. Turns out he was a human; he raised his gun and shot me. Considering the time it took him to walk up to me, I'm curious if he thought I was a zombie as well.

Steam Game Time: 33 minutes

+ Excellent spook factor; reminds me of Resident Evil 4

Minor Con:
~ I couldn't distinguish a player from other zombies.
~ Probably more fun with a teammate

- Using Dark Sight felt awkward and not fun
- Lacks a proper tutorial

After 33 minutes of playing, I felt the game wasn't for me. Although the game is early access, I doubt the developers would make a change to two core aspects of the game: the Dark Sight and the hunter perma-death. The first got in the way of simply going around and killing zombies. The second seems like a great way to waste time grinding for money

Hunt: Showdown (PC) (2018)

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