SpeedRunners (PC) (2013)

Today I played SpeedRunners and I tried to play an online match but it didn't seem to work. As such, I decided just to play some levels from the "Origins" section.

In this section, the player has to race through a level and get to the end as quickly as possible (in order to defuse a bomb before it detonates).

Basic controls consist of sliding, jumping, running left/right, and using a grappling hook. (In multiplayer, there is also a button for using items.)

In the "Origins" mode, the fun is in repeating a level and trying to get the best possible time (shorter time/faster run).

In multiplayer (or at least what I know of it from the tutorial), the fun is in screwing over the other players in a manner similar to Mario Kart.

Overall, the game is pretty fun, it's hard not to like a game that includes a grappling hook gameplay mechanism (e.g., Bionic Commando, Just Cause 2 (PC) (2010)).

Setting Up: The game booted up for me in Windowed mode. I eventually went into the options menu and switched it to Fullscreen mode. When in Fullscreen mode, I was able to use the Steam overlay and take Steam screenshots.

SpeedRunners (PC) (2013)

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