Pony Island (PC) (2016)

Overview: You've been trapped in an arcade machine and have been forced to play a game. However, you progressively stumble on and solve puzzles stored in the arcade machine's code to try and escape.

Continuing to play games which a friend of mine has played, I decided to play Pony Island.

The action portion of the game: jump over the fences.

While I initially thought the game would be a retro platformer, I was surprised to learn that it was more of a puzzle game with the occasional action element.

Steam Game Time: 107 minutes

Chatting two mysterious persons.

+ Novel
+ Mysterious
+ Awesome

"I won't let you cheat at my game." (We'll see about that)

I can't pinpoint why I enjoyed this game, but it was satisfying to play.

Furthermore, I have trouble describing the game and I believe the descriptions I have given don't do the game justice.

In any case, if you enjoy point-and-click adventures, have an average amount of coordination (for jumping and pointing the mouse), and enjoy an element of mystery and suspense, then this game will almost surely deliver a positive experience.

Pony Island (PC) (2016)

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