Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (PC) (2013)

Overview: A parody of Oregon Trail which is more action based.

Today I was using my other laptop which barely has any games installed. I decided to play one of the few installed games which also happened to belong to my "Recommended by Filter" category.

Setup: Keyboard and USB Mouse.

Initially I considered stopping after the first death. But then I figured the experience was so short that I should play at least one more time. By then, I was sufficiently hooked that I made several more attempts at beating the game. Unfortunately, by the time I reached my limit with the game, I had not beaten.

Steam Game Time: 36 minutes

+ Simple, yet enjoyable
+ Replay value (due to randomness of events)

~ Retro

I was optimistic about the game, had my doubts when I first loaded it up, but definitely enjoyed it once I got into it.

With that being said, I'm not sure what kind of gamer would enjoy this game. Perhaps anyone who has some nostalgia for Oregon Trail, but wished it was more action packed should give the game a try. Players who enjoy retro action games should also consider picking up the game.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (PC) (2013)*
*Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (Xbox 360) (2012)

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