Divekick (PC) (2013)

Overview: A 2D fighting game whose gameplay solely revolves the dive kick move.

One of the games in my "Recommended by Filter" category. I played as the character Dive and finished his story.

Setup: I decided to set the jump to the "A" key and the kick to the "X" key.

Steam Game Time: 39 minutes

Today I played with Kung Pao, and finished her story.

Tip: Read the "How to Play" section before playing. It'll describe how to use the meter and special moves. It'll also describe in detail how to use each character's special moves.

Steam Game Time: 55 minutes (session game time)

Thoughts: (single-player story)
+ Simple, fun.
+ A lot of characters and variation

Minor Con:
- No save mode (though I think saving is uncommon in the fighting genre)
- There doesn't seem to be much of a player base for online matches.
- Simple graphics; I wish the characters looked better (for example, at least the quality of the original Street Fighter)

Overall, I had fun playing Divekick. Despite only having two buttons to press, Divekick retains just as much strategy as modern complex fighting games. In fact, this removal of combos and button complexity - stripping modern fighting games down to their core - is refreshing and fun.

In the end, I would recommend the game to players unfamiliar with fighting genre for it's simplicity and to players familiar with the fighting genre looking for something good, but novel.

Divekick (PC) (2013)

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