Robo Recall (PC) (2017)

Overview: Robots in the city have gone haywire and it's the player's job to recall them.

Ready to pull its head off.
Note: Spectator View

Setup: Standard | Two sensors in front. Far away.

I did a small jump when they jumped at me. I suppose I showed less of a reaction because my friend Avi talked about it on two separate occasions. He didn't mention the name of the game, and the game he was describing sounded like a horror game. In any case, I realized as the robots turned towards me that he must have been referring to this game.

Setup: Experimental 360 | Two sensors set diagonal from each other.

Picked up this enemy. Acts like a grenade.
Note: Spectator View

Playing with the 360 setup was more fun, but today's space was tighter than the maximum possible space which I've previously set up. As such, I sometimes found myself getting close to the Guardian Boundary. In an ideal setting, I'd set up VR in a room with no objects. For now, I'll have to note that I need to make a bigger space.

On a different note, I still don't grasp the best way to earn points and if ripping off multiple limbs does any good. Regardless, the game is satisfyingly fun.

Setup: Experimental 360 | Two sensors diagonal from each other and far away.

Took control of big enemy. It'll overheat and explode when the meter runs out.
Note: Spectator View

I love Robo Recall. It's so fun. Though I'm starting to hit a point where I might need some pointers.

I almost tripped on two or three occasions.

Today I continued trying to accomplish the different goals.

Today I looked up some hints on Reddit for accomplishing some of the goals I've yet to complete. I also took some screenshots of OBS game capture for this blog post.

Caught a bullet.
Note: Spectator View

Retried protecting the Robo Relay from damage. Failed twice. Moved on to the next.
Tried to get 10 sniper headshots. Failed twice. Quit the game.

A Helpful Tip I Read: (which I didn't already know)
Don't try to throw [caught rockets] like a dart, just point and gently release.

+ Nice graphics
+ Satisfying gameplay. There's lots of subtleties and options. At times the game gave me the feeling of being Neo from the Matrix (slow-motion and catching bullets) or John Preston from Equilibrium (lots of weapons, dual-wield pistols).

Threw one enemy into another. Body check.
Note: Spectator View

+ One of the most fun things to do is catch a weapon dropped by an enemy before it drops to the ground. Alternatively, quick reload by throwing a gun at the enemy and then catching it.
+ Decent story

~ Benefits from 360 tracking. But thankfully experimental 360 works.
~ No sword option (I saw a mod for a sword, but I wish it were incorporated into the main game)
~ Teleportation mechanic for movement is a satisfactory way of tackling the technology barrier presented by no foot movement

Minor Con:
- Not as much transparency on point system. I suppose it's up to the player to figure it out. [For example, when you take down a robot, you need to go to its location (via teleport) to collect the chips to increase the multiplier.]

Grabbed an enemy with the big enemy's hand.
Note: Spectator View

Overall, I'm enjoying Robo Recall and would highly recommend it. While I've yet to play many other VR games, the quality of gameplay found in Robo Recall is one that I'd love to see matched (and exceeded) by other games.

As a side note, I get absolutely no motion sickness from playing this game. Of course the main reason for this would be that there is no locomotion: head/body turning is used for orientation of view and teleportation is used for in-game movement.

Robo Recall (PC) (2017)

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