The Jackbox Party Pack (PC) (2014)

Overview: A collection of party games.

Today I was hanging out with some of my fiancee's relatives and everybody was just sitting around and after getting a little bit of interest in playing a game I purchased this party pack. I already knew the party pack was fun because I had previously played the game courtesy of my friend Avi (May 2016).


Setup: Everyone connected using their phones, and I connected my laptop to the television with an HDMI cable. For whatever reason the display went to sleep every so often, but this was generally just a hiccup in the game experience. When we later had to move to a room without a television, we simply used the laptop display.

Game Log:
Fibbage XL
: We first played several rounds of Fibbage. I wasn't sure if we'd end up playing the other games, and among the different games, I thought Fibbage was a combination of fun and simple.

: We ended up choosing a different game after several rounds of Fibbage and we chose Drawful. Drawful is fun but the inability to erase is a little annoying and it feels a bit more slower paces than Fibbage. Of course, Drawful certainly has a Fibbage quality to it. However, it feels less balanced than Fibbage.

Which phrase matches the picture? (Drawful)

Word Spud
: This game was a lot of fun with my friend Avi and our fellow coworkers, mainly because of a shared type of humor. In contrast, playing with my fiancee's relatives required more thought to gain points (or not lose as much points as the next player). It was still fun, and showed how this specific game requires knowing the other players; Word Spud depends on knowing the other players in a way that the other games do not. In general, this game is best played with a group of friends or with a group of strangers, but mixing the two will probably bring about imbalanced gameplay.

Lie Swatter
: This game reminded me of Super Trivia at Dave & Busters. Of course, just like Super Trivia, I knew very little, but I think the other players were in the same boat as me. As such, this was the one game which we only played once.

: After Lie Swatter, we returned to Drawful and played one more game before retiring at about four in the morning.

Drawful Scores

Personally, my favorite is Fibbage.

Note: We didn't play YOU DON'T KNOW JACK 2015 because we had more than four players.

Steam Game Time: 2.6 hours (session game time)

[20170718 Edit]

Today I played a couple of games with Ada.

Steam Game Time: 0.6 hours (session game time); 3.2 hours (total game time)

+ Easy to setup
+ Wide variety of games that can accommodate the number of people provided there exists a sufficient number of electronic devices (though drawing will be easier with a touch-screen device such as a smart phone or tablet).

Word Spud
(I played this round as Ada, my fiancee's name)

- Most games require a moderate-to-strong grasp of the English language.


The key to The Jackbox Party Pack is the minimal setup. Just give every player the room code and have them connect with a device that has an internet browser. Of course, the collection of games themselves are fun.

In general, if you and your friends are a fan of party games such as Taboo, Apples to Apples, Telestrations, etc., then I would highly recommend The Jackbox Party Pack.

Note, however, there are currently three party packs by Jackbox Games and a fourth will be released soon.

The Jackbox Party Pack (PC) (2014)

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Five out of eight players got this one right.* (Fibbage) (20160521)
Even better, five out of eight players coincidentally chose the same lie! (Fibbage) (20160521)

*By deduction (using a picture not shown here), someone chose "Virginity" because those who wrote "Virginity" as a lie got 1000 points. Similarly, someone chose "Memory" because Hemanth got 1000 points. For sure Jamison didn't pick either of the two, because he picked "Tastebuds." I also didn't pick "Virginity" because that was my lie, so I must have chosen "Memory." And finally, that leaves Hemanth having picked "Virginity," and I've accounted for all the points.

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