Loco Dojo (PC) (2017)

Overview: A VR party game where up to 4 players go around the game board and play mini games.

The game was free to try out for a short time period and so I played it by myself, then played it with a friend, and then played it with him and his friend.

Attract and gather pigs for points.

+ Decent use of touch controllers

~ Some games require some space to play more comfortably.

The "Table of Trials"

- Connecting with other players was buggy (though this may be an Oculus problem)
- Lack of transparency with rules for each game. Figuring out the rules can be kind of fun, but I'd rather have fun with the game and not with the rules.
- Some games are unbalanced.

On it's own, Loco Dojo was a good, fun game. However, compared to Mario Party 7 (which is perhaps an 8 or even 9 out of 10 experience), Loco Dojo was only a 6 out of 10 experience (or maybe even 5).

Use sausage nunchucks to swat bats before they can take away your pigs.

Loco Dojo (PC2017) (2017)

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