Solar 2 (PC) (2011)

Overview: 2D open world video game set in space.

I tried playing this game today and found it mildly interesting.

Small Planet

Setup: I played with my keyboard (using the arrow keys), but using a controller would probably have be superior. With that being said, I didn't have access to my controller at the time.

Steam Game Time: 31 minutes


20170804 AM:
Before going to bed I tried to play a little more in order to write up this post. Unfortunately, I was already sleepy and battled with my drooping eyes. Eventually I called it a night.

Steam Game Time: 29 minutes (session game time)


After waking up I played some more and I learned (by looking at the controls) that there were more actions (because after becoming a planet I couldn't figure out how to increase the mass). This opened up more gameplay options and effectively hooked me into the game.

As such, in addition to what I played in the morning, I found myself playing more of the game before going to bed in the evening.

Steam Game Time: 1.9 hours (morning, session game time); ~0.5 hours (evening, session game time)

Today I played the game for about half an hour offline. (So the time won't be reflected on Steam.)

Life Planet: generates army (green)

+ A good balance between fun and challenging
+ Decent art and music
+ Humorous

~ Not the best controls
~ Physics-based

- Lacks a story and/or motivation

Binary Star System, baby!

I initially found Solar 2 boring and was ready to give up on it. However, I luckily found controls which were essential to making the game more fun.

With that being said, the game can occasionally feel slow and involves some grinding (collecting asteroids to grow objects in mass).

Overall, Solar 2 should provide at least two to three hours of entertainment for anybody that enjoys open world games, but additional mileage may vary.

Solar 2 (PC) (2011)

Four Star System!!!

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