Dinner Date (PC) (2010)

Various sources say this game is 25 minutes long, but Steam only logged me as playing for 21 minutes. Setting that strange discrepancy aside, my friend got me this game, because I refused to buy it (even though it was cheap). However, since he got it for me, I returned the favor by playing it.

Strictly speaking, Dinner Date is more of an experience, like Dear Esther or Thirty Flights of Loving.

However, unlike Dear Esther and Thirty Flights of Loving, Dinner Date lacked a sufficient amount of engagement.

[20151209][20170312 Edit]

Today I went through the game and took some screenshots. From the few extra minutes with the game, I would reiterate that the game is really more of an experience. Actually, it's almost exactly like the part in the movie "Being John Malkovich" where Craig (John Cusack) begins to slightly influence John Malkovich's actions.

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Dinner Date (PC) (2010)

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