Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt (PC) (2014)

20170116: (AM Hours)
This game was well-reviewed on and the trailer also looked interesting so I decided to give it a try.

Menu Screen (20170116)

While I was intending to stream the game from my desktop to my Zenbook, there was some sort of hardware issue and I ended up installing the game on my Zenbook (it gets to be the first!).

Jumping right into the game, I liked how everything about this game was retro: the menu, the art, the animation, all of it.

In addition to the game's retro vibe, the game's goals and mechanics were simple and straightforward: collect hearts by opening chests and curing NPCs; cure NPCs by talking to them and shooting diseases.


Although I was tempted to stay awake and finish the game, it was way past my recent bedtime and I called it a night.

Steam Game Time: 50 minutes


Princess Remedy (20170116)

20170116: (PM Hours)
Today (in the evening) I proceeded to finish the game.

Apparently I was only a minute or so away from the boss! After defeating him, I went around trying to collect a couple more hearts and deciding who to marry (any NPC or the Jealous chest or an empty chest).

Steam Game Time: 73 minutes (total game time)


Upon defeating the game (95% Completion Rate), instead of attempting to get a 100% Completion Rate, I started another save file on Hard Difficulty and attempted to avoid all chests until getting to the Jealous Chest. This, on Hard, was hard.

In short, the gate that grants access to the Jealous Chest requires 28 hearts. But for me, collecting 26 hearts was reasonable, obtaining a 27th heart was difficult, and obtaining the 28th heart almost seemed impossible until I somehow lucked into a configuration of a battle which allowed me to pick off the enemies one-by-one!

Frallan! (20170117)

Steam Game Time: 120 minutes (total game time)

Taking a break from work, I completed Hard Mode with 101%.

Boss Tip 1: Princess Remedy will replenish full health between each individual boss stage.

The level that got me the 27th heart on Hard. (20170117)

Boss Tip 2: Related to Boss Tip 1, with all the upgrades (frog bullets), the lower boss stages can be defeated quickly by tanking some damage and being direct to immediately eliminate one/two of the attackers.

Boss Tip 3: Initially with the final stage of the boss I tried dropping all ten bombs in succession but took too much damage. On my second attempt I dodged as many bullets as possible and threw bombs when possible. By the time he was defeated, I had only used 9 out of 10 bombs.

The level that got me the 28th heart on Hard. (20170117)
Notice how the ghosts have not advanced from their position.

Steam Game Time: 137 minutes (total game time)

+ Simple and fun
+ Humorous

Some battles are tough! But there's no penalty for dying! (20170116)

+ Unlimited lives (in other words, no penalty for losing a battle)

~ Retro
~ Free

The game essentially challenges the player to replay the game without opening any chests. (20170116)

Anybody that's a fan of older video games and/or pixel art should check out Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt.

Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt (PC) (2014)

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