Stacking (PC) (2011)

Overview: Based on Matryoshka dolls (Russian nesting dolls), Stacking is a puzzle adventure game where protagonist Charlie, the youngest sibling of the Blackmore family, is determined to save his siblings from the Baron.

Worried about missing a deadline, I couldn't sleep and focused on trying to stay awake from 6:43AM to 8:30AM. As such, I attempted to pass the time by playing Stacking. Unfortunately, I found myself too sleepy to play and decided to go sleep (at 7:00AM). I wondered how the snow day would affect the offices.

Capturing a doll one size larger. Stacking.

Steam: 12 minutes

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Stacking is an example of how story-telling and gameplay can be done well in a video game.

The only unfortunate aspect of my experience (for which I'm primarily to blame) was a headache induced by the screen in combination with drinking coffee. And, if it were not for that, I'd almost surely continue playing. In fact, the game was so good that I was playing for quite some time despite the nausea.

Capture the Widow. Seduce a guard.

Game Mechanics:
The protagonist has the ability to possess a doll of the next larger size. Dolls which can be possessed will be highlighted in blue when they are approached. Furthermore, each doll has a different ability which can be used to solve puzzles throughout the game.

Steam: 49 minutes (session game time); 61 minutes (total game time)
Took a break to make a phone call.
Steam: 150 minutes (session game time); 211 minutes (total game time)

Muahaha. I ruined the caviar.

+ Novel puzzle game mechanic
+ Beautiful art style
+ Humorous
+ Great tutorial / placement of gameplay mechanics

~ Camera can be noticeably shaky, especially when in smallest form
~ Decent number of items to collect.
~ Cut scenes are done in the style of silent films, I like them

Solved all the puzzles and collected all the dolls in the second level.

- Lacks a map which would come in handy.
- Some of the "Hi-Jinks" are too simple; arguably a waste of time

Overall, Stacking does a lot of things right and is an example which other games should strive to imitate and/or exceed. If you like solving puzzles and scavenger hunt-like adventure quests, then Stacking is just the game for you!

Stacking (PC) (2011)


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