X-Men (Genesis) (1993)

Overview: Play as Wolverine, Gambit, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler in this action platform game taking place in the Danger Room.
I remember playing this with a friend as a kid and I recall we managed to get to the final boss (technically no surprises here: Magneto). However, I do not think we defeated him. I feel like when I was older I might have once again played with a different friend and once again made it to the final boss. But to be honest, both of these recollections are extremely hazy with a strong confidence in the former happening and some confidence in the latter not happening but a pattern created from a similar event happening with a different game (similar to the way deja vu likely manifests itself in our daily lives).

I've tried booting my Sega Genesis up on multiple occasions but was generally met with failure. Once I even opened it up to no avail. In any case, today I was cleaning up and seeing the console, I decided to give it another go. I opened it up and then tried to plug it in. Unfortunately, the first television I planned to use seemed to have stopped working. That wasn't a good start. Fortunately, apparently a fairly more modern television in the house had an RF antenna input. Unfortunately, the first game I tried booting up didn't work. However, upon cleaning the contacts with some rubbing alcohol (omitting details, but make sure it's dry) the game booted up! I was very excited. I then returned to my small collection of Sega Genesis games and picked X-Men - it supported two players on the offchance my wife also wanted to play (she did not). This time, I went straight to cleaning the cartridge and, with great pleasure, the game successfully booted on the first try!

In total, I played about one and a half times. In other words, I got a "Game Over" and then tried again with one or two characters. Under normal circumstances, I probably would have continued playing until I defeated the first level boss. However, I was in the section of the first level with the rotating platforms that must be used to cross a waterfall. Towards the end of the rotating platforms, I fell and when Jean Grey dropped me off, the platform rotated out from under me and I fell again. Then she picked me up and I might have ran out of energy or something, because she let go before raising me high enough to reach a platform and the character died. I gave up in frustration.

Setup: Hero difficulty.

Watching a walkthrough, I was reminded that you can actually change characters in the middle of the level. In addition, I definitely didn't use any of the support characters. I'm pretty sure both of these things are mentioned in the manual, which is still in good condition, but I was simply too excited about getting into the game and playing it.

My recommendation would be to first play on Easy mode. This limits the possible gameplay progression, but at least the player could make decent progress and become reasonably comfortable with the first half of the game prior to switching to normal. It's possible that during the process, the player will have even worked out some character preferences, boss patterns, and shortcuts.
+ Play as classic X-Men characters
+ Big levels to be explored and lend to optimization choices.

~ I wish the game had checkpoints

- Difficult

I really like the distinct experiences offered by each of the four characters. However, this game is difficult in a way that's questionable. With that being said, I'm not sure how much of that difficulty is by the game's design or by the limitation of games produced in that generation.
X-Men (SG) (1993)

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