2064: Read Only Memories (PC) (2015)

Overview: A cyberpunk point-and-click thriller.

20171223: (AM Hours)
I tried playing, but I was too sleepy and decided to close the game and go to sleep. 1:01AM PT

A ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager) named Turing (voiced by Melissa Hutchison)

Steam Game Time: 8 minutes

I woke up and started playing the game while in my bed. However, I would still occasionally drift off to sleep. Eventually I got up out of bed and played (without falling asleep) until the start of Chapter 1: I went to Stardust but did not yet talk to TOMCAT.

The opening narrator had a strange voice, but I liked the voice of Turing. Furthermore, Turing has a cheerful disposition that gives the game a good vibe.

Your computer.

Steam Game Time: 90 minutes

+ Promising story
+ Turing's voice

~ Many object interactions with text.

Smart headphones.

Minor Con:
- The game allows the player to enter his/her name but the voice over is incapable of reading the name. Possible solutions include having some default names or a system for pronouncing any name.

- Sometimes too much text, even for me.
- Lacked an appeal that some other point-and-clicks have.

Choosing pronouns. Custom pronouns are also an option.

While I only completed the prologue, the game had an interesting start. With that being said, I'd sooner play a new point-and-click or revisit other point-and-clicks which I've started in the past. Consequently, I don't have any recommendations to make for the game.

At the time of this blog post, users on Metacritic either love or hate the game.

2064: Read Only Memories (PC) (2015)

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