Iron Snout (PC) (2016)

It's been a while since I've played video games and today I tore myself away from my blogging in exchange for some actual game time! While I briefly considered using a Steam roulette, I instead decided to sort my games by reviews (on and looked down the list; fourth on the list was Iron Snout.

Grandma, what a big snout you have.

Although using a gamepad would have been superior, I was ready to just jump right into things with my (Razer, brown switches) keyboard.

The game starts with a tutorial which implies the character's neutral position is at the center of the screen and pressing the arrow keys will have the character execute attacks and movements. After the tutorial, different types of enemy wolves will come and attack the character. The goal is to survive for as long as possible.

After playing the game twice on the same settings, I had fun, but I was done and had no interest in checking out the city (as opposed to the forest) and/or the 1 HP mode. These, however, would extend the life of the game for those who are inclined.

Get a useful tip when you die!


+ Simple, fun
+ Challenging
+ Good background music

- I was bored of the game after 10 minutes

Statistics for my second attempt.

While the game does get boring quickly, it's also free to play and lots of fun while you play it. As such, I would highly recommend it, even if it's just a short diversion.

Iron Snout (PC) (2016)

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