Mechanic Escape (PC) (2014)

Overview: Mechanic Escape is a fast-paced platformer where you play as a robot that must rescue your fellow robots while trying to stay alive. Jump, slide, zip, and more as you make way through a factory full of dangers - sometimes urgently when you're being chased.

Mechanic Escape (PC) (2014)

First playable character. The medium-sized robots follow behind.

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The third unlockable skin looks like Iron Man.
The monster to the left is chasing him.

Today I played a little bit of Mechanic Escape for the first time.

Today I played a lot more of Mechanic Escape. In particular, I finished the first area (twenty levels) and collected all the robots in every level.

Steam: 104 minutes (total game time)

The second unlockable skin. She smiles when she runs.

Today I transferred my save file from my laptop to my desktop and continued with the next several levels (2-1 to 2-17).

Playing the game a second time (this time on my desktop and with a gamepad), I was able to modify and refine my original thoughts on the game.

Steam: 1.8 hours (session); 3.6 hours (total)

Completion of the first area.

+ Initially exciting to play and a great sense of action (the bursts of speed within a level reminds me of the Sonic the Hedgehog series).
+ Cool effects, cool environments.

~ Simple controls.
~ Time trial.

The first unlockable skin.

~ Game starts out relatively easy (Area 1) and begins to become harder (Area 2).

Minor Cons:
- The game records a retry after a successful run.
- No replay/ghost feature.
- The contact point for the obstacles can be annoying (too sensitive).
- Wished the game also kept track of best time for 100% rescued.

Frustrated with 2-17, I stopped playing (20151103)

? On 20150519, the game would load (on my laptop), but only after first showing an error dialog.
? There was a ton of lag when the menu screen loaded (on my laptop).

Overall, Mechanic Escape is fun in small, short bursts, but lacks a lasting appeal. On a related note, I'd much rather enjoy the challenge and polish of Super Meat Boy (PC) (2010) (the original Meat Boy (2008) is also more fun than Mechanic Escape, but its controls aren't as refined).

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