Fist of Jesus (PC) (2014)

Overview: Based on the short film of the same name, Fist of Jesus is a single-player brawler where the player plays as Jesus and Judas.

Cowboy zombies!

Judas: "Jesus, since  Lazarus has returned to the living is converting everyone into a zombie."
Jesus: "Damn! We must do something before I am told off. Judas, I need your help."

Today I played Fist of Jesus for the first time and for the most part I found it mildly amusing.

Steam: 3.6 hours on record

Jesus wields a cross (not as graphic as the short film) 

After making a bit of progress I decided to spend some time farming.

I read that level 20 was good for this and a comment proposed that level 2 was better. Comparing the two, I observed that level 2 was initially easier than level 20 and may be the ideal place to farm until the player is strong enough to use level 20 to farm instead.

In level 20, I always buy a shotgun* and go to the left first, clear some zombies, and get the big fish hidden in the crate. I then throw the fish to the right across the screen and follow it (picking up money as I go). Then I use the special powers for their area of effect damage and quickly clear the majority of zombies. At that point the level degenerates into zombies arriving on screen from the left and right.

Draw when you see the exclamation marks!!!

Level 2:
20151204 Estimate: 600 Denari per 30 seconds = 20 Dps
20151206 212415-212810: 4302 Denari per 235 seconds = 18.3 Dps.

Level 20:
20151204 Estimate: 3000 Denari per 120 seconds = 25 Dps.
20151206 213130-213555: 6620 Denari per 265 seconds = 25.0 Dps.
20151206 214115-215019: 14050 Denari per 544 seconds = 25.8 Dps.

*I made sure to equip a weapon to make the first 30-45 seconds go by quicker as well as making progress towards The Last Chance achievement: Equip a weapon at the beginning of 300 levels.

After about two hours, I was bored of the grinding and called it a night.

When an enemy is stunned a bar will appear.
Hit them when the arrow is in the red zone...
And the player character will perform a "Divine Punishment."
Various animations exist. Pulling out a heart is one of them.

+ Funny.

~ Spelling and grammar errors.
~ Weird default keyboard layout (keys are spread out)

- No multiplayer
- There was a time when "grinding" and "video games" meant "RPGs," but I've played a handful of brawlers now that implement a leveling system and it's a bit mundane
- Lacks an interesting story


Overall, Fist of Jesus is an average or below average brawler and fails to be worthy of a recommendation. I would instead recommend Castle Crashers (PC) (2012) which is a solid brawler that supports up to four-player cooperative gameplay.

Steam: 2.3 hours (5.9 hours on record

Fist of Jesus (PC) (2014)

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