MirrorMoon EP (PC) (2013)

Mirrormoon EP is a space-themed adventure puzzle game with retro graphics and limited controls.*
*The website describes it as follows: "MirrorMoon EP is a space adventure that begins on a red planet and its unique moon."

Today I played MirrorMoon EP for half an hour. Unfortunately, while I expected a great game (I confused the title with To the Moon), instead I was given a game experience which was mildly interesting and slightly nauseating.

Screen: 2560x1440; Graphics quality: Beautiful*
*Best possible choice, but the game isn't graphically intensive.

First Impressions (and Possibly the Last):
The restrictive controls felt strange and its unclear why the game lacks the option to free look.

Trying to ignore that aspect, the game has a pseudo-puzzle aspect to it. At times, the game feels more like a point-and-click adventure game that allows the player some freedom of movement.

+ Some puzzle gameplay

~ Retro graphics.

- I felt a little dizzy
- Restrictive controls

- Sometimes the game requires too much guesswork without motivation or incentive

The discovery that occurs while exploring and playing MirronMoon EP is a good feeling, but that aspect of the game is shrouded by the game's strange controls. As such, a selection of players will like it, a selection of players will hate it, and most will probably lie somewhere in between.

MirrorMoon EP (PC) (2013)

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