Hexcells (PC) (2014)

Overview: Hexcells is a puzzle game with similarities to Minesweeper.

Looking for a decently rated game with a short 100% completion time, I came across Hexcells.

Remark 1: Making one mistake will still unlock all of a level's hex pieces. I'm not sure about two.
Remark 2: I learned from a Steam forum thread that levels with hex pieces still available (too many mistakes) are darker. See the picture below.

Steam Game Time: 2.2 hours

Minor Pro:
+ Decently fun

Only 1-4 still has hex pieces available.

+ The game has sequels

Minor Cons:
- Would have been nice if there was a reminder on which mouse button places blue (left click) and which reveals a number (right click).
- Unevenly introduces new puzzle elements, requiring the player to adjust quickly
- Short game

A primary difference between Hexcells and Minesweepers, is that every level of Minesweepers is randomly generated and while there are some requirements, not every level of Minesweepers can be completed with logic alone. However, while ever level of Hexcells requires some logic, there are a limited number of levels.

While Hexcells had good puzzle mechanics, the overall experience was underwhelming and I would sooner recommend other puzzle games like Splice (2012) or Cogs (2009).

Hexcells (PC) (2014)

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