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The Forest Giant

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The Swamp Giant and The Rock Giant.

When I started this game I was hoping for an experience similar to Black & White (2001), a god game which I played back in high school. Unfortunately, the game requires much more micromanaging and the experience is nothing like that of Black & White. While I have a place in my heart for micromanaging, I am currently not in the mood and would rather play Spore (2008) or From Dust (2011).

A village has settled!

Today I played the first two eras (two of three tutorials). Unfortunately, I found these tutorials to feel incredibly boring and slow-paced. While it certainly doesn't help that I'm feeling a little sleepy, I can't imagine how the pace of the game will improve.

The Swamp Giant

With that being said, I'll definitely give the game the chance it deserves at some point. For now, I'm going to leave it alone and take a nap.

Reus Part 1 (Not available) 20140413 04:42PM ET to 20140413 05:07PM ET

Today I played the last of the three tutorials and start getting into the main game which supplies the player with different goals to achieve.

The Ocean Giant

This makes the game more enjoyable for sure, but there are often times where the game still feels slow.

Overall, I think the game has a high learning curve, with different objects (plants, minerals, etc.) having different symbiosis properties depending on the land type on which they are placed (forest, swamp, or dessert).

The small size of a village can also feel limiting. Furthermore, I wish I knew if there were requirements to the expansion of a village's borders.

Reus Part 2 (Not available) 20140414 12:09PM ET to 20140414 02:19PM ET

Today I played an era and only manage to unlock one of the objectives: 450 prosperity.

A little danger (snakes) helps keep the villagers in check.

While I likely won't play Reus again in a while, I did realize that I should have paid more attention to the specializations of the completed projects. Those specializations allow for major boosts in materials.

The main reason I would not be playing the game again any time soon is it's game mechanic is intricate and requires a lot of patience. From my point of view, there's also a level of micromanaging which I don't want to deal with at the moment.

A greedy village crosses an ocean to attack another village.

In particular, this is a terrible game to play when one is feeling sleepy and/or tired. Thus, while I was able to enjoy the game earlier today for two hours, and enjoyed the first thirty minutes or so of this run, it was comparatively difficult both yesterday and the end of today where I would drift off to sleep while waiting for the giants to walk to where they needed to be.

Some of the developments to be achieved.

Reus Part 3 (* 20140414 11:29PM ET to 20140415 12:31AM ET
* no longer archives recordings.

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