1 Screen Platformer (PC) (2019)

Overview: Simple platformer.

Standard view.

Today I decided to play this game because it was part of Jingle Jam 2019. I think I'll try to play as many of the games in the bundle as possible.

Setup: Keyboard

Zoomed out view. This is the entire level!

Steam Game Time: 69 minutes (some time spent idle; possibly 5 minutes)

+ Simple
+ I like the ability to zoom out

Character select. Three characters and a bonus character.

~ Potentially a great game to speedrun.
~ Has a more retro feel with respect to controls

The goal for X95C is to uncover the entire map.

Affordable game that's great for killing time. A single run may take around five minutes. And there's are different variations of play across the same level.

1 Screen Platformer (PC) (2019)

Nadia Stormhammer's holiday level.

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