Blacksmith (PC) (2018)

Overview: Be a blacksmith.


Steam Game Time: 0.8 hours

- Not a fan of the art
- Tutorial is poorly made / Game is hard to understand
- Help must be accessed from a book (as opposed to from the menu screen)
- Saving can only occur by going to sleep and ending a day; personally I feel this choice of save system is not suitable for a simulation game.
- The game gives the player too many choices/interactions in the early game. Especially given that mining seems to be the best first step.
- Forging an item was initially satisfying, but there were these strange double strikes which were never explained.

I had a bad gameplay experience, because I had used my materials to craft items for all the people in the town. As such, I did not have enough material to make items for the hero. It then became clear I needed a source of materials, but it wasn't obvious where the material was suppose to come from. There was some dialogue suggesting I should go to the mines, but the mines were not an obvious location to click on the map. In general, I felt the game failed to provide enough direction and/or insurance to cultivate my desire to play the game.

Overall, the game is rife with poor game design.

Blacksmith (PC) (2018)

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