The Stanley Parable (PC) (2013)

Overview: Play as an office worker named Stanley as he explores his workplace while an unreliable (?), yet comedic narrator commentates. Of course, this isn't your typical office, and it's not your typical story...

Just follow the yellow line...

Today I played The Stanley Parable for the first time and I'm glad I finally did. It's one of those games which I just absolutely wanted to play when I first heard about it, and yet when I acquired the game, I never got around to playing it.*

Steam Game Time: 2.1 hours (total game time)

Game Log:
After several tries, I was confused why I wasn't able to achieve the "Speed run" achievement and so I looked up the solution. With the goal of playing as many games in my gaming library as possible, I had no qualms about looking up the solution, but if you're in the position of getting the most out of a small selection of games, then I recommend you simply spend the time replaying The Stanley Parable until you achieve this achievement organically.


I also looked up the solution to "8888888888888888". There was a guide with a hint to the solution but I ignored the hint and went straight for the answer. The hint provided was as follows: Play the demo.

*The last such game I played was Goat Simulator, and that game initially fell below my expectations, while this game immediately surpassed my expectations (which were already high).


+ Unconventional, yet absolutely wonderful story.

A museum!

+ Great narrator. Carries a comedic and narrative role similar to GLaDOS (of Portal) or Wheatley (of Portal 2).
+ Many endings and replay value
+ Interesting Steam achievements

~ Stanley can't jump!?! Haha.

I've played a handful of walking simulators, but at the moment I could only readily recall one, Dear Esther (2012), and

with some time a second, Thirty Flights of Loving (2012).

What happened here!?!

In short, The Stanley Parable is a great walking simulator, and anyone that enjoys playing video games with a strong story should consider playing The Stanley Parable.

The Stanley Parable (PC) (2013)

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Ending Checklist: (Spoiler Alert)
Freedom Ending - 20170806 #6
Explosion Ending
Coward Ending
Mariella / Insane Ending - 20170806 # 5
Museum Ending - 20170806 (I quit the game) #7
Confusion Ending - 20170806 #4
Phone Ending - 20170806 #1
Not Stanley Ending
Powerful Ending - 20170806 #3
Games Ending
Zending - 20170806 #2
Cold Feet Ending
Escape Pod Ending
Out of Map Ending
Heaven Ending
Serious Ending
Art Ending
Whiteboard Ending
Broom Closet Ending

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