N++ (PC) (2016)

Overview: Momentum-based platformer.

Yesterday I wrote the blog post for The Stanley Parable and noted that it was a game which "I just absolutely wanted to play when I first heard about it, and yet when I acquired the game, I never got around to playing it." Today, that motivated me to play N++.

At first, I played it for half an hour while I waited for a file to download. My initial impression was that the game was awesome. I enjoy playing difficult platformers - at least in small bursts. I later picked up the game from where I left off.

Setup: Although this sort of game probably benefits from a controller, I decided to play it with my keyboard.

Steam Game Time: 2.9 hours (total game time)

+ Intro levels strike a perfect balance between difficulty and instruction
+ Cool color schemes
+ Nice soundtrack

~ My style of game
~ Perfecting the momentum system follows an 80-20 rule; achieving max height on ramps is difficult
~ I've yet to try these other game modes

Versus Super Meat Boy (PC) (2010)
Super Meat Boy has a stronger story, better artwork, and incredibly smooth controls. With that being said, N++ sets itself apart by it's use of the momentum mechanic. Furthermore, N++ seems to offer a wider range of obstacles; it has, however, been a while since I've played Super Meat Boy.

Versus Electronic Super Joy (PC) (2013)
If I recall, the music in Electronic Super Joy is level dependent. In contrast, the soundtrack in N++ is independent of the levels. Consequently, while the music in N++ is good, it easily gets relegated to being background music instead of the center of attention as is the case with Electronic Super Joy. With respect to difficulty, N++ is arguably more difficult (especially considering I haven't even played the truly difficult levels). With respect to speed, Electronic Super Joy is more fast paced.

Versus 10 Second Ninja (PC) (2014)
While the story of N++ is about a ninja, the gameplay does not strongly suggest the player character is a ninja. In contrast, the protagonist of 10 Second Ninja wields a katana and three shurikens.

Versus Dustforce (PC) (2012)
N++ reminds me of Dustforce due to all the use of ramps and momentum, though Dustforce is much bigger on ramp usage and less on difficulty. Technically Dustforce is also difficult, but the perceived difficulty is lower.

I've played a variety of difficult platformers and N++ is right up there with the best. Furthermore, N++ manages to provide unique and challenging gameplay.

With that being said, while I was initially excited about the game, I eventually felt overwhelmed by it. More specifically, after completing twelve episodes I started going back in order to collect all of the gold and/or improve the episode time.

If you enjoy difficult platformers, then I would highly recommend N++.

N++ (PC) (2016)

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