Antenna (PC) (2016)

Overview: A short adventure game.

20170628 AM:
Looking for games on Astats with "Time to 100% [Accomplishments]," I chose the shortest game that I had not already played: Antenna; since it was free to play, it was a game I implicitly owned, as opposed to a game I explicitly owned.*

Setup: Keyboard and Touchpad. Note that the game often refers to using the mouse scroll. On my laptop, I was able to use the two-finger touch gesture on my touchpad in place of the scroll wheel. However, I later learned that sometimes the arrow keys (left and right) are more precise than my touchpad's two-finger touch gesture. Furthermore, pressing shift will generally alter the left and right keys favorably. That is, the action speeds up when I expected being able to speed up, and slows down when I expected being able to slow down.

Game Mechanics: I don't want to give anything away, but the next morning I noticed that the Steam Store page emphasizes the need for audio in order to solve some of the puzzles. It also says the game requires the use of the mouse scroll.

While some of the stages took a while to figure out, I managed to figure them out on my own.

However, when I finished the game, something was happening and it was so late at night that I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I realized there was a hidden achievement and I just went ahead and looked it up. Achieving it would require replaying the game, so I left it for another time.

Steam Game Time: 32 min = 2:40AM to 3:12AM (logged as 2.8 hours because I fell asleep)

*Astats has the option to "Show owned games only." When choosing this option, it'll also show free to play games which are implicitly owned by everyone.**
**With that being said, I later realized the game was in my "Recommended by Filter" category... so I might have already downloaded the game and made it part of my library. I'm not sure.

+ Free
+ Challenging
+ Pleasing art direction (this style has now been found in several games, dominantly black foreground with a colored background)
+ Surprising focus on audio.

~ Short
~ Medium difficulty


I went back and completed the last achievement. Afterwards I completed the game and one of the puzzles was still hard despite knowing the general solution.

Spoiler/Note to Self: The sound-based puzzle which occurs after traveling down the elevator not only depends on the height of the knob, but the distance it traveled to get there.

Steam Game Time: 0.4 hours (session game time)

Antenna (PC) (2016)

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