Risk of Rain 2 (PC) (2019)

Overview: Third-person rogue-like and sequel to Risk of Rain (2013).

Today I tried playing the game with three friends; the game was having a Steam Free Weekend.

Unfortunately, only the standard character was available and I found myself disoriented in the 3D world.

Steam Game Time: 2.2 hours (total game time)

Today a friend shared a deal on this game and the price was low enough that I decided to get it.

Gameplay Log:
Apparently after the previous game session, the Huntress class was unlocked, and so I decided to play as her.

Steam Game Time: 3.0 hours (total game time)

+ Cool graphics

- No map.
- I feel easily lost compared to 2D
- Don't know where to go
- Kiting is difficult.

I'm not sure why, but I don't like this game as much as the first Risk of Rain (2013). Perhaps it's because I'm not well versed with navigating 3D games, e.g., Left 4 Dead 2 and a countless number of first-person shooters.

Risk of Rain 2 (PC) (2019)

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