Blameless (PC) (2016)

Overview: You've been clobbered and you find yourself trapped in a house. Can you escape?

I was looking for games to play via AStats and came across Blameless. I was hesitant because it was tagged as being a horror. While it had a scary atmosphere, the game wasn't so much a horror as it was horrible.

Explicitly, I found some tools but couldn't seem to use anything. I ended up looking at a guide and learned that I overlooked an item. In my defense, the item was really skinny. This made it easy to miss as it both blended into the scene and the game cursor likely didn't change (from a point to a hand) while I was scanning for objects. My recommendation to the game developer would be to increase the hitbox which triggers the object interaction (I'm not a game developer, but I imagine that's a thing).

Steam Game Time: 32 minutes

+ Free
+ Short game
+ Decent graphics; lack of casting a player shadow.

~ No legs?
~ I'm not a fan of horror games or movies, but this game was bearable.

- One item needed to get past the first room was hard to find; technically it was sitting right in front of me but apparently the mouse has to sit directly on top of the object to trigger the interaction indicator

The game is potentially fun, especially for being free. I, however, was frustrated by the gameplay.

Blameless (PC) (2016)

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