Samorost 3 (PC) (2016)

Overview: Point-and-click puzzle game and sequel to Samorost 2 (2005).


Gameplay Log:
Mushroom man area. I opened the book with two eyes (from the menu) and then started deciphering the two pages. [I didn't know I was reading hints]
I walked back to the protagonist's home and opened the book with two eyes. I learned that the bathtub and the stool can be brought to the repairman. I realize at this point that the book with two eyes is the game's form of providing hints.
Returning to the mushroom man area to get the knife, but I was stuck and so I opened the hint book. I learned what I needed to press to access the puzzle and read once through the solution (though I didn't commit it to memory). The puzzle was less challenging because I had read through the hint, but it wasn't trivial.
On the other planet I played and eventually I was stuck. At that point I opened the hint book in the giant bug area but only to confirm that I acquired everything in that area already.
Then I went to broken pot area and opened the hint book there. I learned that I needed to collect a glue. I do some backtracking, but wasn't able to find what I needed.
I go to the giant turtle and open the hint book there. I learned that the bubbles on the turtle's back can be pressed.

After figuring out part of the puzzle in the bathing area, I return to the broken pot area and I'm confused so I opened the hint book here once again. I look at the picture of where to collect the glue more closely and realize where I need to go.
At the end of the session I put the key in the satellite and was going to land on the log planet but decided to stop playing there.

Steam Game Time: 2.2 hours (total game time)

20200119 AM Hours:

Gameplay Log:
I collected the flowers and planted them. I didn't understand what I was doing wrong with the pollination and so I looked at the hint book.
The solution was fascinating, though difficult due to the results not clearly conveying what was happening (the breeds do not strongly indicate that they are breeds, though admittedly this could truly be my failure to recognize). In any case, I should note that it seems the original plants ("A," "B," and "C") will spawn again as necessary.

Steam Game Time: 3.4 hours (total game time) / 1.2 hours (session game time)

+ This game focuses on sound and the sound is good
+ Amazing graphics; graphics are an improvement on those in the previous game; attention to detail

~ I wish scenes that have been cleared allowed for a fast-skip.

- I'm not a fan of the puzzles in this game; they lack often motivation and/or too much backtracking

For some reason, I don't like this game as much as the first or second game. With that being said, I do intend to finish it one day.

Samorost 3 (PC) (2016)

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