Hearthstone Battlegrounds (PC) (2019)

Overview: A free-to-play auto battler based on the cards and characters in Heartstone.

Without the Tavern Pass, choose from two heroes.

20200229 Gameplay Log:
Played Battlegrounds.
|-Sylvanas Windrunner. 4th.
|-Edwin VanCleef. Beasts. 2nd.
|-Alexstrasza. Forced Dragons. 6th.
|-The Rat King. Dragons with some Mechs at end. 4th.
| |- His power is difficult to stick to one type.
|-Millhouse Manastorm. Dragons to Mechs to Beasts. 8th.
| |- His power benefits from quickly buying and selling, but I'm still not familiar with the game and took too long to read stuff.
|-Nefarian. Murlocs. 6th.

Buy from Bob's Tavern

20200321 Comment:
Since 20200306, I've been mostly playing Battlegrounds with games of Heartstone (e.g., Casual and Tavern Brawl) just for quests and rewards.

20200421 Comment:
While I really enjoyed Battlegrounds (past tense), recent changes (20200407) have deterred me from playing. Explicitly, one can either play the game for free or get the Tavern Pass for either $20 or 2500 Gold (Gold is currency earned within the game) - the Tavern Pass lasts for the duration of the current expansion, currently Ashes of Outland. In terms of gameplay, the only difference between playing for free and getting the Tavern Pass is the ability to choose among four heroes (with the Tavern Pass) instead of two (free-to-play).

The minions battle it out.

Personally, I'm not going to spend $20 to play Battlegrounds. Since a player can spend 100 Gold to purchase a card pack, a purely free-to-play player like myself who also enjoys the main card game has the choice between spending 2500 Gold on card packs or 2500 Gold for two additional hero choices throughout the duration of the current expansion. In my opinion, anyone who enjoys playing the main game as much as Battlegrounds would hands down spend the money on packs and just accept the disadvantage of choosing among two heroes instead of four. Theoretically one can create a second account and grind out extra dailies for playing Battlegrounds separately, but that's quite the hassle.

tl;dr: the Tavern Pass is overpriced and probably will only be purchased by players who play Battlegrounds competitively.

+ Different style of play from Hearthstone.

Dragon comps are my favorite.

~ Relies a little more on RNG than the main game.

- (Android) Same client as Hearthstone and so suffers the same problems: large file size, sluggish, and difficult for a beginner who needs to hover and read text.
- The advantage from getting a good hero pick is unfortunate.

Major Con:
- Starting 20200407, the ability to pick from four heroes instead of two comes at a significant cost, either $20 or 2500 Gold.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds (PC) (2019)

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