Paladins (PC) (2018)

Overview: A free-to-play first-person shooter with similarities to Overwatch. (According to various sources, Paladins is not an Overwatch clone - despite the similarities).

20170907: (Early Access)
Today I tried playing a round of Paladins (Viktor).

Paladins champion select - Dredge

Non-Exhaustive Comparison:
It's been a while, but I recall Overwatch's interface looking much cleaner than that of Paladins.

I liked the ability to change champions during a game in Overwatch.

The graphics in Overwatch are much better than graphics in Paladins. In particular, I like the character designs in Overwatch more. Shout out to (Overwatch characters) D. Va, Widowmaker, and Tracer.

I read some people like Paladin's gameplay better, but I haven't played enough yet.

Finally Paladins is free-to-play while Overwatch has a one-time cost (both games contain microtransactions).

Steam Game Time: 29 minutes

Paladins - Dredge's abilities
Dredge's moves.

20181209 Part I:
Revisiting various games, I decided to revisit Paladins.

Gamesplay Log:
Dredge. Default Loadout (High Sea Ordinance). Autopurchase.
(Games 1-5: auto-matched vs. bots)
Game 1: Abyss Spike. Learned to use his Q and mouse clicks. Have a mild understanding of F. But how to cancel where it's placed?
Game 2: Abyss Spike. I got to use his ultimate once. I think he shot out a giant Kraken. [It's more like an AOE in the area of the Kraken] I enjoy using his Q (especially with Abyss Spike).
Read a Dredge guide
Game 3: Abyss Spike. Have a better understanding of his kit and purpose in the game. His F is hard to use strategically.
Game 4: Hurl. I spend these games playing around with my F. You have to move out of the way of the second one placed otherwise it'll be under him and he'll use it immediately. The one which the player pops out of will disappear. Also placing a "third" one will remove the oldest one.

Using the rifle scope to shoot Syke in the Shooting Range.

Game 5: Scuttle. Hmm. Pretty good feeling with Scuttle, but maybe I still prefer Abyss Spike. In any case, I determined this game that I have to wait about a second before using Dredge's E after coming out of F.
Game 6: Dredge. Default. Abyss Spike. Loss. Much harder. Haha.
Game 7: Dredge. Default. Abyss Spike. Win. We managed to go three rounds 1-and-1, capture point, capture point, and prevent seige, respectively. Then we managed to capture the last point. During this game, I got a better hang of utilizing F to juke or escape. I also realized I had to stay closer with team to prevent Syke from killing me.

Having played League of Legends for such a long time, I forgot how hard it might be for a beginner to start a new game like this. With that being said, I decided to break down the learning process for myself. I'll try and just play one champion (Dredge) until I'm comfortable with the maps, game interface, and can play that one champion fairly well. Currently, I've only only explored the champion's talents; there's still loadout and purchases to learn!

Paladins champion select - Fernando

First Impressions: Thus far, the game feels promising. The quality of graphics are decent, I mostly find the in-game UI useful, and the flow of the game is manageable. With default options and autopurchase available, I was able to quickly get into the game and learn the basics while leaving more advanced options for later. Perhaps the only thing I don't like as a new player is all the menus and purchasable items being displayed so prominently. With that being said, I have a feeling that's a commonly used interface. In comparison, League of Legends, a free-to-play MOBA, has a much cleaner client (though perhaps I'm just used to it after playing for so many years).

Steam Game Time: 2.2 hours (session game time)

20181209 Part II:
After leaving the client, I had the urge to play some more. I ended up playing for about another two and a half hours.

Game 8: Dredge. Default. Abyss Spike. Loss.
Game 9: Fernando. Default. Scorch. Win. The team was missing a frontline and Dredge was taken so I went Fernando. He's fun. He plays similar to Reinhardt in Overwatch.
Game 10: Fernando. Default. Aegis. Win.

Fernando's Shield

Game 11: Fernando. Default. Formidable. Win.
I looked up a guide for Fernando and modified the loadout: Last Stand (1), Incinerate (4), Hot Pursuit (3), Launch (2), and Towering Barrier (5). Then I disabled "Auto Purchase Items."
Game 12: Fernando. (Even though I created a Loadout, I went with the) Default (because the game was Team Deathmatch). Formidable. Win. I never died and so never purchased more.
Game 13: Fernando. Custom. Formidable. Loss (Onslaught). The enemy had some sort of burn which was OP on this level.
Spent some time in practice mode (Syke).
Game 14: Fernando. Custom. Formidable. Loss. Their team output more damage and didn't really have a tank.
Game 15: Skye. Default. Preparation. Loss. Much harder to play than I thought it would be.
Game 16: Furia. Default. Cherish. Seige Training.

Second Impressions: As I encountered various character models, I had come to the conclusion that I like the look of the models in Overwatch much more than the look of the models in Paladins.* Also, it seems like various items in the client could use an update. For example, the headings about the Scoreboard table are offset from the columns. It's also possible that the maps for Paladin aren't as good as the maps for Overwatch, but I haven't played enough of both games to definitely make that statement.

Syke's Champion Overview

Steam Game Time: 2.5 hours (session game time)

*I actually made a similar statement on 20170907.

I loaded up the game and "closed" it for the Steam Spring Cleaning Event "Tag Contributor." Much later, while playing League of Legends, I heard music in the background and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Eventually I opened Windows Task Manager and eventually I spotted Paladins being open. The music went away when I ended the task.

Steam Game Time: 22.5 hours (session game time)
Actual Game Time: 0 hours (session game time)

Major Pro:
++ Excellent implementation of practice mode. One for each game mode (Siege, Onslaught, Team Deathmatch), a "shooting range," and a tutorial. The shooting range allows
1) Access to all champions (i.e., even ones you don't own)
2) Change to any other champion on-the-fly (via the menu)
3) Four practice rooms to serve different practice needs

+ Friendly in-game UI
+ Easy to get started

A selection of champions.

~ Free-to-play
~ First five games are against AI. I've encountered this feature in other games, but I think this should be announced to players.

- Thus far, a weak match-making system.
- Graphics aren't as high quality as competitor, Overwatch.

None at this time.

Paladins (PC) (2015)

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Paladins champion select - Furia

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