The 7th Guest (PC) (1993)

Overview: A horror point-and-click whose story and gameplay is primarily delivered via live action video clips. Broadly speaking, you (the player character) find yourself in a mansion, seeing ghostly spirits, and as you explore the mansion you must solve puzzles to progress the story.

I was traveling today and among the different games installed on my Zenbook, I decided to play this one. The introduction appropriately set the tone for the game, but the controls were unfamiliar and, relative to modern point-and-click games, clunky.

The player character sees the spirits conversing about the cake (which sets up the puzzle which the player must solve).

Setup: Touchpad.

Steam Game Time: 23 minutes (first session) and 73 minutes (second session)

+ Constant spookiness
+ Challenging puzzles

~ Older game

A failed attempt at solving this puzzle: place eight queens on a chessboard, so that no two are in direct line of each other.

~ User interface takes time to understand
~ Loading time between scenes

Minor Con:
- Puzzle goals can be difficult to understand (perhaps I didn't have the volume up loud enough)


A part of me enjoyed what The 7th Guest had to offer: a spooky atmosphere, intriguing story, and challenging puzzles. Unfortunately, the game feels outdated and the pros don't quite outweigh the cons. As such, if you're into older point-and-clicks and enjoy horror games, then you should consider playing The 7th Guest.

Part of the introduction, a drifter named Stauf has a vision and carves a doll. He eventually becomes a successful toymaker,and has a vision to build a mansion. The story is spooky.

The 7th Guest (PC) (1993)

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